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Installing for Local development

This guide will document the steps to set up and run locally for the purposes of development.The setup process was documented using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

You'll need a couple prerequisites to get started.

Install impact-graph from GitHub#

In order to develop locally you need to clone the backend server as well. We are using for this.

  • via SSH on the CLI:
    git clone
    cd impact-graph
    npm i
    cp .env.example .env

Create a Database and User in Postgres using psql#

Follow this tutorial on PSQL to setup your username and create the database.


sudo -u postgres psql
postgres=# create database <databaseName>;
postgres=# create user <userName> with encrypted password '<passwordHere>';
postgres=# grant all privileges on database <databaseName> to <userName>;

Clone and Install the Frontend#

Head on over to and clone the repo.

  • via the CLI:
    git clone
    cd giveth-2
    npm i

Get the Environment Variables#

In order to run the local build for you'll need to ask for the environment variables. Head on over to our Contributors Discord say Hi and get in touch with one of the developers.

Launch the Development Server and Environment#

Start up the impact-graph backend server and redis.

  • Run redis by using the command redis-server

  • From the impact-graph repo start with npm start

    To take advantage of linting presets, please use VSCODE:

  • Select File -> Open Workspace

  • Navigate into the giveth-2 directory

  • Open the workspace file giveth2-full-stack.code-workspace

  • Install recommended extensions (Prettier and StandardJS plugins)

    Then fire up the local development server.

    gatsby develop

Start Editing!#

Open up the giveth2 repo on your code editor. is now running locally at http://localhost:8000!

Giveth Running Locally

You can also expiremnt with querying your data via GraphQL - you'll find it at this link here - http://localhost:8000/___graphql Learn more about using this tool in the Gatsby tutorial.

Save your changes and the browser will update in real time!

Current Build Statuses


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Netlify Status

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