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What is Giveth?

Giveth is building a culture and economy that rewards and empowers those who give. Our goal is to use web3 to radically transform how public goods are funded by helping nonprofits evolve out of systems that depend on sacrifice into ones that create win-win situations for everyone involved. Beginning with a free and direct crypto donation platform on Ethereum, we onboard for-good projects and support them so that they can eventually blossom into DAOs with their own regenerative economies, with Giveth itself becoming an impact investment hub for public goods.

Currently with its fundraising platform, Giveth rewards donors directly through the GIVbacks program with GIV, which they can then stake to support projects and earn returns via GIVpower. Other recent and forthcoming radical innovations can be seen in the Giveth Roadmap below. Also visit our calendar for meeting times and Join Page to get more involved.

Our Mission

To build a culture of giving that rewards and empowers those who give - to projects, to society, and to the world.

Our Vision

Giving is effortless, and people all around the world are rewarded for creating positive change.

Our Values

Giveth encourages decentralization:

  • Giveth offers innovative open-source solutions built on blockchain technology, which is inherently decentralized.
  • Giveth is pioneering and experimenting with decentralized governance and communication techniques and supporting their adoption by other communities.

Giveth promotes Altruism:

  • Giveth is an open, non-hierarchical global initiative empowering social, environmental, and humanistic impact projects with modern technologies.
  • Giveth supports many like-minded initiatives that are adding value to the world without necessarily having a direct profit motive.
  • Giveth is building a self-sustaining giving economy that encourages and rewards altruistic intention.

Giveth believes in the power of Community:

  • Giveth is an inclusive community united around a common goal.
  • Giveth is a community-owned platform, building and developing our DApps based on feedback from our members.
  • Giveth enables trust within communities by increasing transparency and accountability through blockchain technology.
  • Giveth proactively reaches out to similar initiatives which we see as potential collaborators, as opposed to competitors.

Our Roadmap

Giveth supports for-good projects and public goods in a myriad of capacities, one only needs to look at our token economy (GIVeconomy) roadmap features:

GIV - A transferable ERC-20 token that lies at the heart of the Future of Giving.

GIVbacks - A donors rewards program that is the first step in the ambitious GIVeconomy leading projects to become regen economies. The GIVbacks program allows donors who contribute to verified projects to receive GIV in return. This feature flips the script on the concept of the tax deductible donation, creating a decentralized and borderless way of incentivizing donations. (LAUNCHED ✅ )

GIVpower - A staking mechanism where donors can lock their GIV tokens for GIVpower and use them to boost and curate fundraising projects on the platform. Projects with more GIVpower are ranked higher and in turn, their donors are rewarded with more GIVbacks. (LAUNCHED ✅ )

Quadratic Funding - A matching program where top-ranked public goods and for-good projects on the fundraising platform will have the opportunity to have their donations matched via a collectively funded matching pool using Quadratic Funding. (LAUNCHED ✅ )

GIVfi - A smart contract system for generating yield on idle donations. Utilizing unclaimed donations, Giveth earns a yield through low-risk yield bearing strategies. Projects are able to claim 100% of their donation, while the yield earned goes to funding the DAO and buying back GIV. (TBA)

GURVES - Bonding curves collateralized by GIV that projects on Giveth can launch to evolve into DAOs with their own micro-economies. Gurves enable donors to invest GIV into their favorite projects and provide upside potential for entrepreneurs in the public goods space. Donors become investors, volunteers become shareholders with a voice, and Giveth becomes the Schelling point for impact investments. (TBA)