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What is Giveth?

Giveth is a community focused on building the future of giving using blockchain technology. There are a lot of projects in the Giveth Galaxy, but the core 2 projects are: and Giveth TRACE. You can use Giveth to donate to projects or also propose projects that need funding, all using cryptocurrency and soon Fiat currencies! We aim to foster a large network of organizations to build a bright, transparent and decentralized Future of Giving.

Why should I use Giveth for my project?#

Giveth has two DApps, each built for specific purposes. this documentation guide will focus on the Dapp. More Info for Giveth TRACE can be found here. The DApp has been designed to facilitate ease of use, anyone can come get involved. Creating an account is easy; Donating to and Creating Projects can be done in minutes. Giveth collects a wide range of philanthropic ventures so naturally it's a great place to get exposure for your mission!

Why should I donate to a project on Giveth?#

Giveth uses blockchain technology to track and record donations in cryptocurrency, allowing them to be kept on record forever and always. Coming soon it will also bridgs your fiat donations into crypto which will also be recorded on the blockchain. On the horizon as well is a token which will further expand your ability to give. Fiat donations and tokens currently in development!.

Who owns Giveth?#

Giveth is ran by a community of Developers and Makers formally known as the Giveth Decentralized Altruistic Community (or DAC). An eclectic mix of people from the Ethereum and non-profit worlds they are driven to provide the tools for anyone to build a global community around a cause. If you want to know more head on over to the Giveth Wiki Page.

What is the roadmap for the Giveth Platform? The roadmap for the Giveth DApps is constantly evolving and can be found here.

Is Giveth recognized as an official charity? Giveth is a Decentralized Altruistic Community and with the help of SDG impact fund our DAO and community based organizational structure is represented as a non-profit 501c3 in the United States. We are a community-led project and will not derive any direct profit from the platform. We strive to model the DAC concept as one of the first not-for-profit blockchain based entities. We guarantee all funds will get recycled back into the Community that is ensuring the Giveth Platform gets adopted widely.

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