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Intro to, launched in March 2021, offers a simple and streamlined way for the world to donate to for-good projects via the Ethereum Blockchain. homepage boasts a smooth onboarding process for donors and projects. Creating a project can be done in minutes, making donations can be done in seconds. Finding quality projects making social or environmental change is easy.

Our Donation Application uses a direct peer-to-peer donation framework, funds donated are sent to the project owner's Ethereum address. Giveth does not collect any fees from interactions on the platform. is currently deployed on both Ethereum mainnet and xDai networks.

Verification and Traceable Projects#

Great projects make Giveth thrive! We have a Project Verification process to ensure that we have top quality, credible projects on the DApp. One of the benefits of verification is that approved projects can become a Campaign on Giveth TRACE, and gain access to customizable donation management, features and donation traceability. Learn more.

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