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Giveth is building a culture of giving that empowers and rewards those who give -- to projects, to society, and to the world. We aim to inspire our community to participate in an ecosystem of collective support, abundance and value-creation. Welcome to the GIVeconomy.

About GIV

GIV is the governance token that fuels and directs the GIVeconomy. GIV holders are empowered to collectively coordinate around shared resources and fund initiatives that shape the Future of Giving.

At launch, our community can participate in the GIVeconomy in the following ways:

  • From December 24, 2021 onward, eligible recipients can claim their GIVdrop on Gnosis Chain (formerly xDai Network).
  • Donors to verified projects on Giveth get rewards from GIVbacks.
  • Liquidity providers and stakers can earn rewards in the GIVfarm.
  • Anyone who claims GIV from their participation in the GIVeconomy gets a continuous flow of GIV from the GIVstream until December 23, 2026.
  • You can stake your GIV to get GIVpower and boost projects you love, increase their rank and increasing the amount of GIVbacks given to their donors.

Token Adresses


An amount of 1 billion GIV tokens were minted at the onset of the GIVeconomy. 100 million of the GIV tokens are liquid and available for use immediately, and the other 900 million have been allocated to the GIVstream and are being released continuously throughout the entire "GIViverse" over a period of 5 years (until December 23, 2026). The distribution of the total supply of GIV throughout the GIViverse is outlined in the following graphic:

givbacks round 8 sample

The GIVeconomy has been built thanks to our dedicated community of Givers. Giveth has been growing since 2016 on a foundation of donations, time, skills, sweat, generosity & love! We are proud to launch an economy by and for the donors, with no money gleaned from presales or venture capitalists.

The GIVeconomy Future

The launch of GIVeconomy with all the features described above is only the beginning - we are already crafting the next phase of the Future of Giving. We're developing systems that will completely change the way societies create and reward the creation of public goods.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the raw, exciting and beautiful ideas that we intend to bring to fruition. If you want to have a hand in shaping the next generation of philanthropy, start to explore GIVeconomy and join our team!

GIVfi diagram


Our biggest dream is to support for-good projects on Giveth to become their own microeconomies. The idea is when a donor gives to a verified project on Giveth, they get some GIV from the GIVbacks program. When this happens, some GIV is put into a bonding curve that is uniquely generated for the project. The donor then receives freshly minted "project tokens" from the bonding curve. Projects are in effect being gifted their own token economy, opening up endless possibilities for incentives and system design!

*Interacting using the Torus Wallet

To interact with the GIVeconomy and other dApps using the Torus wallet, you will have to connect your wallet. To connect, click the “Connect Wallet” icon in the upper right corner of the site, then select Torus and verify. The Torus wallet allows users to sign in with accounts from many different web services, so be sure to sign in with the same account you used to set up the wallet.

Signing in with Torus on the GIVeconomy

If you are using the Brave browser, you will need to turn off Brave’s Shield feature. To do this, click the Brave logo to the right of the search bar, then toggle the Shield to off.

Turning shields off with Brave

Giveth's mission is to reward and empower those who give. The GIVeconomy is a major milestone in the Future of Giving and is enabling our collective of projects, donors, builders, and community members to give in new ways that support projects, society & the world!