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Regen Farms

RegenFarms is the next generation of ReFi liquidity mining opportunities for DAOs and regens alike. Using our contracts for the GIVfarm and the GIVstream, we are empowering other for-good DAOs to launch liquidity mining incentive programs, “RegenFarms”, with streams of their own.


Utilizing the GIVstream, all rewards earned in the GIVfarm (until December 23, 2026) include some part liquid and some part streaming. This allows the GIVfarm to offer high APRs without creating excessive sell pressure. Thanks to the GIVstream, Giveth has pioneered an elegant evolution to traditional liquidity mining that offers lucrative rewards while attracting and rewarding long-term hodlers, and keeping participants invested in the project for years to come.

For Interested DAOs

We are now offering this technology as a service to other Blockchain4Good DAOs! Interested DAOs must be able to prove that they are a “Regen Economy”, i.e., are creating a positive impact for society such as by supporting or building public goods in some way. If your DAO is interested in applying to kickstart a RegenFarm, fill out this form. We use snapshot to get approval from GIV token holders before accepting a new DAO for RegenFarms. Once accepted, the interested DAO will need to work with our team to provide their RegenFarm parameters and the funds to kickstart their farm.


To justify the cost of initiating the farm, a base fee of $5000 (equivalent USD value in the DAO’s token) is provided by the RegenFarm DAO to Giveth. $2500 of this will be sent to donation.eth for the Giveth Matching Pool to fund donations to verified for-good projects. The remaining $2500 will be sent to the Giveth liquidity multisig and will be used by Giveth provide $GIV / [DAO token] liquidity.

RegenFarm DAOs also provide the funds to reward their Liquidity Providers. Before initiating the farm, 1% of these funds are sent to the Giveth liquidity multisig to be used, as above, for liquidity, and an additional 1% of these funds are sent to the Giveth Matching Pool to fund donations to verified projects.

RegenFarms UI


Liquidity mining opportunities for RegenFarms can be found on the GIVfarm page. You can provide liquidity (by following the provide liquidity link at the bottom of the card) and stake LP tokens to begin earning rewards. When you "harvest" your earnings, the liquid part will be sent to your wallet, and the streaming part will kickstart your corresponding RegenStream. Liquid rewards earned from your RegenStream are claimable at the bottom right. Note that when you harvest rewards from the RegenFarm card, all liquid rewards from your RegenStream are also sent to your wallet.


To learn more about the RegenFarm's mission, click the ? in the top right corner of the Regen Farm Card.

Our mission at Giveth is to reward and empower those who give. RegenFarms is creating win-win opportunities for everyone who interacts with them. To summarize the benefits:

  • Blockchain4good DAOs benefit from the ready-made UI, network effects of offering incentives among other Regen Economies, and the novel benefits of combining rewards with a streaming service.
  • Stakers benefit from high yields and a wealth of farming opportunities, as well as the opportunity to explore for-good web3 projects.
  • Verified projects benefit from boosted Giveth Matching Pool contributions, courtesy of for-good DAOs.
  • The GIVeconomy benefits from additional liquidity and strengthened partnerships in the Blockchain4Good ecosystem.

Explore RegenFarms today.