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Welcome to the expanding GIViverse! The GIVstream aligns community members with the long term success of Giveth and the GIVeconomy. With the GIVstream, anyone who adds value to the GIVeconomy receives GIV continuously for up to 5 years from the GIVeconomy launch date. The GIVeconomy begins humbly, but as time passes, the GIViverse expands: More GIV becomes liquid is streamed to our community of GIVernauts.

All GIVstreams flow until December 23, 2026, at which point the GIVeconomy will be in full swing! Watch your GIVstream flow.

How it Works

At launch, 10% of the total token supply of 1 billion GIV will be liquid and distributed across the GIVeconomy. The rest supplies the GIVstream which flows for 5 years, releasing more liquid GIV every second. After the 5 year period, 100% of GIV tokens will be liquid.

The following table explains what percentage of GIV is liquid and distributed throughout the GIViverse, and which part is still yet to flow from the GIVstream.

DateLiquid GIVGIV flowing from the GIVstream
Dec 24, 202110%90%
Oct 24, 202225%75%
Mar 15, 202450%50%
Aug 04, 202575%25%
Dec 23, 2026100%0%

Your GIVstream Flowrate

flowrate counter

Your GIVstream flowrate is the rate (GIV/week) at which your GIV becomes liquid. All recipients of the GIVdrop will also receive a GIVstream on xDai chain. If you did not receive a GIVdrop, you can still get a GIVstream by participating in the GIVeconomy.

You can get (or increase) your GIVstream flowrate on xDai (now Gnosis chain) by donating (on xDai or Mainnet) and getting GIVbacks, by wrapping GIV to use in the GIVgarden, or by staking in the GIVfarm on xDai.

You can get (or increase) your GIVstream flowrate on Ethereum mainnet by providing mainnet liquidity and staking GIV or LP tokens in the GIVfarm on Mainnet.

Earning Rewards

When you earn GIV through participation in the GIVeconomy, part will be liquid and part is added to your GIVstream flowrate after you claim. As time passes and the GIVstream flows, a greater percentage of the total GIV you earn is liquid.

Everytime you harvest rewards from GIVbacks (xDai chain), the GIVgarden (xDai chain) or the GIVfarm (xDai chain or Ethereum Mainnet), you increase your GIVstream flowrate. Note that when you harvest, any liquid GIV from the GIVstream on that chain is also sent to your wallet.

GIVgarden Rewards

The GIVstream nurtures the GIVeconomy at inception by having only 10% of the total supply of GIV liquid and transferrable to start. As the GIVeconomy grows & stabilizes, more GIV becomes liquid and available for everyone. We want to empower those who support the Giveth ecosystem with steadily increasing governance rights, this includes participants who:

Participants benefit from their GIVstream flowing as the GIVeconomy flourishes over time, therefore we ensure that Giveth is not just governed by people who buy tokens on the open market but by those who contribute in a more meaningful way.