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GIVdrop (Finished)

The GIVdrop has finished. Any airdropped tokens are no longer eligible to be claimed since January, 2023. This documentation will remain purely for historical reference.

The GIVdrop is designed to kickstart the GIVeconomy by distributing GIV tokens to the Giveth trusted seed - crypto philanthropists, Giveth users & builders, Blockchain4Good DAO members, and other ecosystem partners. To check your GIVdrop eligibility or to claim click here. To learn how to claim your GIVdrop, refer to our tutorial below.

All addresses have until Decemember 24, 2022 to claim their GIVdrop. After that, any unclaimed tokens will be returned to the Giveth DAO.

GIVdrop Eligibility

17.05% of the total initial supply (1 billion GIV) has been distributed to our trusted seed. The trusted seed is a group of individuals - previous supporters 10% of these tokens are instantly claimable on Gnosis Chain (formerly xDai Network) as the GIVdrop. The rest initializes and sustains the GIVstream - a flow of GIV that becomes claimable gradually and continuously until December 23, 2026.

Eligible recipients of the GIVdrop and the associated GIVstream include:

  • Giveth Contributors 5.05%
  • Past donors to Giveth directly 4%
  • Blockchain4Good heroes 4%
  • Past donors to projects on Giveth 2%
  • Past users of beta Giveth TRACE 1%
  • Past donors to Gitcoin Grants in Rounds 1-7 1%

The Blockchain4Good DAO heroes group includes a list of over 2500 unique addresses, with over 60 different groupings. The majority of addresses belong to people who have been identified as crypto donors, with the rest belonging to value-aligned DAO members that are working, directly or indirectly, to further Giveth's mission. You may have a GIVdrop if you are part of any of these groups (and many others!):

  • 1Hive
  • ChievMint
  • Commons Stack Trusted Seed
  • Crypto Commons Gathering
  • Ethereum Foundation
  • General Magic
  • MetaCartel DAO
  • MetaGame
  • MetaGammaDelta
  • MolochDAO
  • STAKEhausDAO
  • TEC Hatchers
  • TrojanDAO
  • Vocdoni
  • WeTrust
  • WhalerDAO
The snapshot for past donors and Giveth users was taken in March 2021. The snapshot for contributors (builders) and Blockchain4Good DAO heroes was taken in September 2021. For donors to Gitcoin Grants, GIVdrop eligibility was for those who donated in at least two rounds from rounds 1-8. Our snapshot was taken at those times because the token development was all public, and we didn't want to give all of the GIV to the airdrop hunters that have proliferated throughout the past year.

We have made every effort to include all valid addresses in this GIVdrop made at our discretion. Not every person who has ever interacted with Giveth is eligible. If you did not receive GIV, that is because you were not eligible or the wallet that stores the address that was eligible can not be accessed. We will not review past transactions or consider other addresses for inclusion. We appreciate your understanding.

If you did not receive the GIVdrop, check out our GIVbacks program to find out how to get GIV!

NOTE: If you received the GIVdrop but no longer have access to the eligible address, it is possible for us to redirect the allocation to another ETH address. However, you need to prove who you are and that you do have tokens allocated to you. If this is you, reach out to our team for support. FYI - if no one in the Giveth team knows you, it probably won't work out.

Claiming your GIVdrop

The GIVdrop was released on December 24, 2021. In this guide we'll walk you through how to claim your GIV on the GIVdrop claim page.

First thing is to head over to the GIVdrop claim page; you should arrive at this screen:

check GIVdrop eligibility

From here you will need to connect your web3 wallet to the DApp to check your eligibility.

After connecting, one of three situations will happen:

  1. You have a GIVdrop to claim, NICE!
  2. The address provided has already claimed its GIVdrop, GREAT!
  3. You missed the GIVdrop. :(

Click on any of the above situations to learn how to proceed. To learn more about GIVdrop eligibility, click here.

1. GIVdrop to Claim

If you have a GIVdrop ready to claim that's great news! Click the arrow to dive into the GIVdrop claim process.

you have giv to claim

Go through the flow to learn all the amazing ways to participate in the GIVeconomy. You can see your GIVdrop and GIVstream and visualize the impacts your GIV could make in the GIViverse.

how to use your GIV

On the final page you can claim your GIVdrop as well as add the GIV token to your MetaMask wallet. When you click CLAIM you'll see a summary of all the GIV you're getting.

claim your giv now screen

In addition to the GIVdrop, you'll also receive a GIVstream which will continuously stream you GIV for a period of up 5 years - learn more about the GIVstream here.

harvesting your GIVdrop

Click HARVEST to generate the transaction to claim your GIVdrop to your connected wallet.

You're now equipped and ready to jump into the GIVeconomy - Discover all the great ways you can contribute to a thriving economy of Giving.

2. The address provided has already claimed its GIVdrop

You already claimed the GIVdrop for the address you provided. However, you have no shortage of options now at your disposal. Give us a shout out on Twitter, and join our Discord to see the action happening in our Community.

you already claimed

We also have dropped you some gLove tokens on Rinkeby that you can exchange for some awesome Giveth Swag! Check out our Swag Store to see all our custom designed apparel and mugs!

Lastly, and most importantly, click Explore the GIVeconomy to jump into GIVeconomy and explore all of the wonderful GIVing opportunities available.

3. You missed the GIVdrop (sad face)

Unfortunately the address provided didn't receive a GIVdrop. Check the wallet address you provided or that you've connected with the correct wallet address.

you missed the GIVdrop

If you missed out, don't fret; there are still other ways to get GIV! You can follow the link on the GIVfarm page to take you to your local friendly Decentralized Exchange (on Mainnet or Gnosis Chain [formerly xDai Network]) to swap your crypto for some of that sweet, sweet GIV.

buy tokens link from GIVfarm

Or if you want to be a real GIVhero, participate in the GIVbacks program. You can qualify to earn GIV from donating to verified projects on Learn more about the GIVbacks program here.

If you get stuck in the GIVdrop claim:

You could find yourself stuck in the GIVdrop Connect page for a variety of reasons including:

  • Declining to connect your wallet in MetaMask
  • Not connected to Gnosis Chain (formerly xDai Network)

To remedy this, open up your MetaMask extension, and verify your connection:

troubleshooting getting stuck

Ensure you're on Gnosis Chain (formerly xDai Network), and connect the wallet you'd like to claim for to the DApp. If the page doesn't update automatically just give it a quick refresh (F5), and you should be good to go!