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How do I donate to a Project?

Find a project that you like.#

Have a good look at the projects already created, read the descriptions and do your homework! Once you found a project you would like to donate to hit the DONATE button.

Select how you want to donate your funds.#

Once youre at the donation page you need to select if you want to make your contribution in crypto or fiat currency.

Crypto Donations#

Currently you are only able to make contributions in Ether(ETH), support for more cryptocurrency donations are in the works! Choose how much ETH you would like to donate. Once you've entered the amount you can click on DONATE which your wallet will prompt you to sign off on the transaction. If you would like to use a different wallet than the one you use to sign into your account, click the use another wallet option underneath the donate button.

Once the transaction has been signed off and processed then you've done it! Nice work! You'll be taken the confirmation page and you can track the transaction details by following the link on the page.

Step by step instructions for donating via Metamask can be found here.

If you'd like to make a donation in fiat currency follow this guide.

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