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Getting started is a platform where you can easily support projects you ❤️ with cryptocurrency and fiat. Or create your own project and accept funding from a worldwide audience.

Sign in

In the top right corner you will see the sign in button. Currently you can sign in via two methods, either by or Metamask. You must choose! Sign in

Click on the Torus under the sign in drop down menu. You will be given several options of different platforms you can sign in with.. google, linkedin, twitter, discord etc... you can also use the simple email option which will send you a one-time use code to your email. Follow the Torus prompt and you should find your way in easily.

Metamask Sign in

If you're unfamiliar with metamask or don't already have a wallet head on over to ( and get yourself set up with one! Once your wallet is setup make sure your metamask browser extension is enabled and up to date. click the 'metamask' option under the sign in drop down menu. You should then be prompted by the metamask pop up to confirm your signature and then you should be plugged in and good to go!

Fill in your profile info

Once you've logged in it's recommended you fill in some info about yourself. Transparency is a two-way street! In the top right corner you should find now the thumbnail of your account. click on it and then click on My Account then Edit Public Profile and fill in the fields given and hit SAVE.

More info on donating to a project are in the user guide.

Create project

Our User Guide page for creating a project can be found here.