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We’re back with another fresh batch of amazing projects on We have six projects from a wide range of causes that we are featuring in this project spotlight. This is also an extra special spotlight because itself is currently active and accepting donations on the latest round of Gitcoin Grants (GR11). If you feel inspired by the Giveth mission after reading this article then consider making a contribution via our Grants listing and learn about the magic of Quadratic Funding! More on that later…

GR11 Magic

Without further ado let’s dive in and highlight these projects that are making our DApp great!



Emergency Transitional Housing Offering Services (ETHOS) is designing funding solutions for the homelessness crisis in Olympia, Washington State. ETHOS has been championed by ‘Art Is Solidarity’ which is a local non-profit combining blockchain technology and art mediums to find solutions and funding opportunities for pressing social issues. At the heart of this project is the city’s first initiative: to combat homelessness. From ETHOS’s project description:

“In 2018, the City of Olympia sanctioned a tent city adjacent to the transit center downtown dubbed the “Mitigation Site” for those struggling on the streets to have somewhere to rest and seek shelter. In late 2020, two-and-a-half winters and many tents later, a next step in creating a path to housing for downtowners was conceived when the City of Olympia contracted a local design and build firm to create 60 ‘micro-houses’ to replace tents and offer more security and safety for those trying to get on their feet.“

Following the successful construction and installation of these micro-houses, Art Is Solidarity will use additional funds raised to improve upon the amenities inside the Mitigation Site in a unique way. They are engaging the help of local artists to beautify the micro-houses into works of art and mint the art pieces into NFTs to be auctioned off digitally. Proceeds of these auctions will go towards outfitting the house with furniture, heaters and more!

Art Is Solidarity also intends to educate the shelter’s inhabitants and local artists about the vast opportunities that NFTs and cryptocurrencies can offer for alternative forms of income, and provide them with the tools to get involved. Check out their project on and donate to help the build and beautification of micro-housing, and the educational opportunities being created for the homeless in Olympia.

Finca Morpho

Finca Morpho

Nestled in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, there is a community of thriving nomads building ecological harmony at Finca Morpho. This 5-acre beachfront paradise is where humans create strong ties with each other and the land while learning a wide range of skills for a harmonized lifestyle. These skills include permaculture, bamboo building, recycling techniques, holistic medicine, renewable energy, and healthy cooking techniques.

Founded in 2014 Finca Morpho is a place for curious travelers to spend time in nature and to fully immerse themselves in communal living. They also host events and retreats to further share the important knowledge they have cultivated on the farm. They have created closed-loop recycling systems from the ground up, having found ways to completely repurpose all of their waste. From a simple sandy beach they have nurtured a thriving permaculture system complete with aquaponics, soil sanctuaries and carbon sequestration techniques. They have come a long way from their humble beginnings.

There are 7 pillars that comprise the core physical and conceptual foundations of the farm: The Kitchen, The Resource Center, Permaculture, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Project Management and Relationships. Finca Morpho is seeking funding to upgrade a few of these pillars which need a bit of love in order to maintain and improve their functions. The four pillars needing improvements are:

  • Kitchen — To keep feeding hungry mouths and processing the bounty of the land. Buying new equipment such as blenders and stoves.
  • Resource Center — To fulfill their mission of recycling or repurposing everything they use. Purchasing a 3d printer, plastic shredder, extruder, microscope and expanding the area of the center.
  • Infrastructure — The cabins, water storage system and solar grid they maintain are in need of love. Buying new solar batteries, renovating cabins and installing a new water storage system.
  • Permaculture — Every season comes with new challenges and needs. Purchasing seeds, plants and trees.

Check out Finca Morpho’s project on and make a donation to keep this community thriving and capable of spreading its message to those who seek it, and learn more about how they do it on their website.

Solidity Development Course in Farsi

Solidity Development Course in Farsi

The language and gender barriers created by the english-dominated blockchain industry severely hamper opportunities of up-and-coming demographics to fully participate in the revolutionary technology that Blockchain produces. Shayan Eskandari, the project’s creator summarizes the opportunity to provide support:

“Farsi is spoken by an estimated 110 million speakers mostly in Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Russia, Azerbaijan and Afghanistan . . . In contrast to the West where computer engineers are predominantly men, Iran’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) graduates are about 70% women.”

CoinIran, the project’s host organization, has built opportunities to overcome these barriers by creating unique programs for Farsi speakers, notably their latest project, “Women in Blockchain’’. This program is putting Iranian women through the ConsenSys Academy Blockchain Developer bootcamp while providing technical and linguistic support, giving them the knowledge and skills to acquire jobs as Ethereum developers. Their initial cycle put 7 women through the course, who all passed, receiving developer certifications from ConsenSys.

Making Blockchain and Cryptocurrency more accessible will only help to ensure its growth and adoption. The project is seeking funding to cover the expenses of putting the women through the course and for the costs of building the course tailored for Farsi speakers with comprehensive media, translations and syllabuses. Further funds raised will allow more women to go through the program. Read the full article on CoinIran and visit their project on to make a donation!



Can be defined as “The feeling of ecological wellbeing and belonging to nature. It is the intelligence of nature as expressed through human thought and action.”. The word is derived from the Greek word Oikos, meaning “home”. The project, Oika, is reconnecting humans with nature and raising awareness of climate change through NFT technology. Dr. Rich Blundell, the project’s creator, has gathered a team of scientists, artists and storytellers to cultivate Ecological Intelligence. They are combining the realms of academic ecological analysis with different artistic techniques to produce images and videos that are minted as NFTs. You can check out their creations on the Oika Media page.

Oika also maintains an off-grid homestead and marine research vessel for inspired researchers to collaborate, incubating new ideas and generating knowledge. There are a wide variety of subjects that Oika advocates research on, such as:

  • Ecological Survey & Monitoring
  • Invasive Species Response
  • Pelagic/Neritic, Plastics Clean-up
  • Fishing Debris Location & Removal
  • Wildlife Reporting & Monitoring
  • Aquaculture Research
  • Phenology (study of climate change effects)
  • Citizen Science
  • Sci-Art Collaboration
  • Public Interpretation/Communication
  • Conservation Journalism/Documentary

Oika also offers courses for teaching the concepts of Ecological Intelligence. They seek funding to continue operating their off-grid research center and to pay artists and scientists for their contributions and collaborations involved in crafting the NFTs. Visit the Oika website to learn more and check out their project on to make a donation!

Grassroots Economics

Grassroots Economics

The ability for local economies to spring up, create their own money and give it value is one of the most revolutionary concepts created by cryptocurrency. Grassroots Economics is proving this concept by building open-source economies in communities throughout Kenya. Their base token. known as Community Inclusion Currency (CIC). is to be used across all their participating communities in order to quantify and redistribute the abundance of goods they produce.

Their vision is to create healthy and decentralized ecosystems by empowering locals to design their own economies. They also believe heavily in syntropic agroforestry as the main technique to provide agricultural abundance and economic value production.

They seek funding in order to build the open-source software they need in order to achieve their goals. Development currently takes place on their public repository on Gitlab. Check out their project on and make a donation to allow Kenyan communities to build new economies using Blockchain!

Rainbow Crystal Land

Rainbow Crystal Land

Among the Andes mountains in San Agustin, Colombia, there is a community of free-spirits liberating mother nature and creating communal living spaces. Rainbow Crystal Land (RCL), established in 2014, strives to create a global network of leaderless, horizontally structured communities that live in harmony with each other and the Earth. Currently they operate out of their main hub in San Agustin but are seeking to build a global community that shares their philosophy. They are mostly donation based but also sell the food they grow on the land to the local markets. All of these funds go into their “Magic Hat” which is used to buy necessary food and pay overhead costs to continue their existence.

They have written a comprehensive handbook detailing many aspects of their organization, including their declaration of Common Intention as well as their Mission, Vision and Values. On the land they maintain several houses for families and dormitories for their human inhabitants. They operate a solar grid for closed-loop electricity provision and also a permaculture farm on their 14 hectare plot of land.

RCL is seeking funding to improve much of their existing infrastructure. They are hoping to purchase treated bamboo and other wood to finish building their housing projects. Tools and plant supplies need to be bought to begin putting to use their recently acquired land. Funding also is always needed to feed their citizens, namely, those who are working hard to build their utopian vision. Check out their project on to learn more and make a donation!

That’s a wrap for this community project spotlight! Six diverse projects that are making a positive change across the globe, check them out and consider making a donation to keep these important causes alive and thriving! Stay tuned for more featured projects in the future!

Also, if you love and the work we do to provide free and open-source funding platforms for philanthropic causes, consider making a donation to our Gitcoin Grant. We also have our other DApp, Giveth TRACE, for more complex projects that want to offer traceable donations. You can make a donation to Giveth TRACE on its Gitcoin Grants listing as well. Every unique donor to our listings increases the amount of matching funds we receive via Quadratic Funding, so the more the merrier!

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Watching for those doing good

We’re back with a silver platter of community curated projects to celebrate and highlight! Our Giveth contributors went through the list and chose their top picks. We’ve found six great projects that are live on Giveth now and looking for funding to meet their goals. Read on to discover some of our favourite projects from a diverse range of causes using our DApps.

Colorado Multiversity

Colorado Multiversity

Is a partnership of local and international organizations based in the Northern Caribbean side of Costa Rica. They provide resources for disaster relief workers and environmental conservationists. The biodiversity contained in Costa Rica cannot be understated and the preservation of the plethora of unique flora and fauna in this region is paramount to the Multiversity’s mission. They currently steward a land area of 1235 acres located within the Barra del Colorado National Refuge which has been designated by UNESCO as one of most important places for natural conservation.

Currently, Colorado Multiversity operates out of a biological station called “El Zota”, which is one of the Multiversity’s partners. El Zota carries out research and training for those who are passionate about conservation and biodiversity. There is also The Refuge Project, another one of the Multiversity’s organizations, that utilizes the facility as a safe space for disaster relief workers worldwide to meet, rest, teach and learn.

The Colorado Multiversity has been recognized by some notable organizations for potential funding, including the SDG Impact Fund, Gaia Gives and the Spanish Cooperation. They are seeking initial funding to kick-start their mission and meet the funding criteria outlined by these organizations. They have a wide range of projects being launched including decarbonization initiatives, international volunteering programs, agricultural development research and plastic recycling. Check out their introduction video below and visit their project on Giveth to learn more and donate!

Feed the Hungry in Chilliwack, BC, Canada

Feed the Hungry in Chilliwack, BC, Canada

Is a local effort led by a man named David to make a contribution to the homeless population prevalent in the local community of Chilliwack, a city near Vancouver, British Columbia. In Vancouver the homeless population is ever-present and expanding. The temperate climate of southern BC has allowed this region to become a year-round hub for the Canadian demographic experiencing homelessness. The problem in Chilliwack is exacerbated as the city of Vancouver rounds up the homeless on one-way buses to Chilliwack, dropping them off in the town with no return.

Feeding the hungry is a simple and powerful gesture. David’s trusty team, consisting of him and his daughter, plans to create food packages to hand out to the population experiencing homelessness in Chilliwack. David is seeking funding to purchase ingredients for the food packages, cover gas costs and pay for lodging expenses. At the time of writing this article, David’s team is gearing up and getting ready to execute their plan in the coming weeks. Funds contributed to this project will allow them to scale their mission and feed more people. Find their project on, make a donation and stay tuned for updates in the near future!

Women of Crypto Art (WOCA)

Women of Crypto Art (WOCA)

Have launched an inclusive community to celebrate, support and connect the women in the crypto art space. The voices of women are extremely important and often underrepresented so WOCA is championing the presence of women in the crypto sphere. They share ideas and information and promote each other’s work across all realms of cryptocurrency. In 6 short months their community has quickly grown to over 400 members.

WOCA has kept pace with their rapid growth, improving their organization in many ways. They’ve built a website to showcase their community talent, they launched a Colony DAO to manage their thriving tribe and have formed great relationships with entities such as Panvala and Cryptovoxels. WOCA is seeking funding to reach their next milestones, including building a permanent gallery, onboarding members to the DAO and promoting all of the incredible work done by women artists. Check out WOCA and make a donation to their project on Giveth.



Translates to “Wake Up” in the regional isiZulu tongue, and is the motto of this project based in rural Zimbabwe. The entire country faces extreme food security challenges, driven by political and environmental factors. This project is dedicated to finding food security solutions for one of the most important, yet vulnerable groups in society: the children. The project’s owner, Tim Olsson, believes that satisfying the nutritional needs of children allows them to focus on their education and development. Children will create the future of tomorrow and providing them with the means to succeed will help them overcome the challenges we still face today.

Vukani’s immediate goal is to grow food to nourish the local school children. Research is needed to find an agricultural system that works in the unique conditions of Zimbabwe. Once an effective system is found by the initial pilot project, their aim is to scale up and one day serve the entire country. Progress has been made for finding a water source but more infrastructure needs to be acquired to effectively distribute it for irrigation. Funds to this project will help make purchases for water pumps and solar-powered irrigation systems. Head over to Vukani’s project on Giveth to read more and make a donation!



Is making wallet management a breeze in the Ethereum ecosystem. MyCrypto is a hub for creating and connecting your Ethereum wallets. It boasts a great UI that can consolidate and keep track of all your tokens and their values on Mainnet and several Ethereum sidechains. MyCrypto also allows you to deploy and carry out direct interactions with Ethereum smart contracts! Neato! Apart from those wonderful tools, it can also facilitate sending, requesting, swapping and buying crypto as well as tracking eligible airdrops. They also have a desktop app for offline wallet management, useful for managing private keys and seed phrases.

MyCrypto is open-source and has developed many free tools for Ethereum user security, such as a database for tracking known crypto scams, a web extension for preventing phishing attempts and an application for finding lost Ethereum addresses. Donations to their project will help secure funding to keep their platforms alive and maintained. Experience their DApp on and visit their project on Giveth to make a contribution.

Free the Food

Free the Food

Believes in creating regenerative food sources using the vacant areas along the sides of roads. Harnessing the knowledge of Syntropic Farming they have launched their project along the lush rural roads of Costa Rica. According to Devin & Arthur, Free the Food’s co-founders, Syntropic Farming is the gateway to restoring ecological diversity, creating wildlife habitats and holistically super-charging the generation of delicious and healthy food.

They have already begun with three streetside syntropic plantations to grow food, with more sites on the way. Their grand vision is to create a network of streetside syntropics and to engineer a grants system allowing new communities to spring up, acquiring the knowledge to begin propagating these regenerative food sources. They are seeking funding now to develop their website and purchase irrigation tools, water tanks, seeds, tools, as well as to provide a monthly budget for 1 employee. Find their project on Giveth and learn more about Free the Food!

There you have it! Six spicy projects running the gambit from art, crypto, nature and all the goodness in between. Don’t see your project on the list? Don’t sweat! We’ll be regularly highlighting more ventures on our blog and social media channels, and you can catch our eye by tweeting about your project and tagging us @givethio.

If you have a for-good project looking for funding, get on to give the world easy access to donate cryptocurrency to your cause. If you want to spread the love as a donor, check out both our DApps, and Giveth TRACE for more ways to give!

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We are pleased to announce the official full release of Giveth TRACE — a platform for traceable, accountable, effective donations powered by blockchain technology.

Giveth TRACE homepage

In the early stages of Giveth, we set out to demystify philanthropic contributions to nonprofits by empowering Givers with the ability to see where and how their donations are being used. We released our MVP DApp in 2018 to be beta tested by the Giveth Galaxy, but faced huge obstacles. Scope creep, maintenance of a complex system, and an overly complicated user experience prevented a quick release, and then we simply ran out of funding. We were close to “calling it quits” on our original DApp in favour of a simpler, user-friendly version that we would design from scratch.

Fortunately for Givers everywhere, our all-star devs refused to give up. We assembled a team around the DApp and worked tirelessly for months on stabilization and beautification. With our hearts full of joy and our hats in our hands, we are proud to finally come out of beta and release TRACE to the world.

Giveth TRACE is no longer a wistful dream of something that could have been — it’s a reality!#

Allow us to proudly present a platform that lifts the veil between Givers and their donations in action. A platform that empowers projects to create highly customizable online representations to attract real supporters. A platform that emphasizes the development of trust between all parties — the Givers, the projects and the greater community. We proudly present: Giveth TRACE.

Memery - Traceable Donations

Project Verification

Verified Project Badge

Givers using TRACE know that their donations are going to top-quality legitimate projects thanks to our project verification system. In order to add a project as a Campaign on Giveth TRACE, a Maker must first add their project to and apply to become verified. Currently this process is informal, but soon it will be integrated into the project flow. For now, if you want to verify your project, fill out this typeform and reach out in the #project-onboarding channel on our Discord.


Campaigns represent the big picture for each project — projects use Campaigns to collect traceable donations and manage them transparently. Under each Campaign there can be multiple “Traces”, i.e. payments, bounties, or expenses. Traces specify how the project is using their donations to achieve the goals of the overarching Campaigns. When a Giver donates to a Campaign they can follow the flow of their donations. Whenever donations are moved from a Campaign to a Trace, the Giver is notified and can see exactly how their donations are used.

Traces are the only way for donations to leave Giveth TRACE. Every project on the platform will have to explain how they are using the donations before collecting them.

This way, the Campaigns are held accountable to the Givers and the Givers can see their donations in action!#

TRACE campaign page
Campaigns Live on Giveth TRACE#

Donor Empowerment

Not sure which Campaign to donate to? Giveth TRACE also offers “Communities”, which represent people and projects united by common goals and initiatives. When you donate to a Community, you are donating to a cause that you believe in! Communities can delegate donations to Campaigns or to specific Traces, and each time donations are delegated, the Giver can choose to veto the movement.

In this way, Giveth TRACE builds on blockchain technology with an added layer of donor empowerment that has never before been possible. Givers don’t have to trust that their donations are flowing to projects they believe in, they can actively ensure it.

But wait — there’s more…#

Free Gas for Giveth TRACE Projects

Memery - Free gas, gas station

On Giveth TRACE, Giveth pays the gas fees so projects don’t have to!#

Giveth TRACE makes use of two networks in order to address security and scalability issues. Our use of Rinkeby testnet makes it free to perform basic site interactions, such as creating a Trace, managing donations, or updating a profile. However, in order to collect or disburse donations from a Trace, Ethereum gas fees must still be paid to get the donations to the final recipient on mainnet. We are excited to financially support each project on Giveth TRACE while also protecting them from the difficult user experience and the complications of the Ethereum network, so we cover their gas costs!

You can see the total gas Giveth paid for each Campaign, Trace or Individual on TRACE — and can even share it with your friends.

Memery - Traceable Donations
Total Gas Paid for the Commons Stack Community Campaign on Giveth TRACE#

Our mission at Giveth is to bridge the non-profit and blockchain worlds, connecting people, ideas and resources with free, open source decentralized applications. The launch of Giveth TRACE and its ability to offer unique transparency, traceability, customization, empowerment and accountability is a major milestone in Building the Future of Giving!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Giveth TRACE, try it out for yourself and let us know what you think!

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Giveth has been buzzing with action! While we’ve been hard at work behind-the-scenes building for our community, Giveth change-makers have been hard at work creating positive impact on the ground. We are excited to share with you one final round-up of projects in the Change-Maker Campaign.

Change Makers Going out to pasture

Our Calling All Change-Makers Campaign launched in April 2021 as a way to highlight the unique stories of for-good projects on Giveth and bring extra attention to the work that they are doing to change the world for the better. Read on to discover the final submissions!

Perfect Village Communities (PVC) in Burundi

Perfect Village Communities (PVC) in Burundi

Is an organization that aims to improve the living conditions in rural communities across the central African country of Burundi. The project’s creator, Mugisha, states that in rural Burundi up to 58% of children suffer from malnutrition and communities often have no access to medical services. Agriculture and livestock can represent up to 95% of a village’s commercial activities, yet families still struggle to get enough food to sustain themselves.

PVC Burundi began in 2015 and is teaching rural communities how to implement regenerative systems for improving education, agriculture and healthcare. Activities focus on soil regeneration, organic waste recycling, tree planting, and of course, growing food. PVC Burundi provides healthcare access to communities in exchange for tree-planting services, incentivizing a healthy environment in tandem with healthy humans.

Food sold in markets via Village Communities are used to fund PVC’s healthcare and education initiatives. Every year they launch “Community Reconciliation” where they expose new communities to different regenerative techniques, begin tree planting campaigns and bring food to market. Currently, one of their main goals is to extend their healthcare facilities in Burundi.

Check out Perfect Villages in Burundi and help spread the regenerative movement in Africa!

Bridging Digital Communities

Bridging Digital Communities

Is run by a Digital Wizard by the name of Kay. He creates online bridges that allow communities to stay connected. In the decentralized world of Blockchain, communities can spring up seemingly out of nowhere, forming around causes, concepts, technologies or protocols. In this rapidly growing part of the world wide web, communities thrive off of the collective innovation and synergy of ideas, exponentiated greatly by the digital bridges that Kay creates. He has been creating and maintaining bridge servers for applications such as Discord, Telegram or Riot and has never charged anyone to make these connections. He bridges quite a few notable Ethereum projects such as: Matic, Gitcoin, 1hive, Conensys, Aragon and even Giveth (Thanks Kay! 😉)

Kay has a project on Giveth — the proceeds of which go into funding the work he does building bridges and keeping digital communities connected. Check out his project on Giveth here!

Vegan Africa Fund

Vegan Africa Fund

Is a Social Enterprise focused on creating a vegan economy in Africa. They actively support African ventures in education, regenerative agriculture, renewable-energy cryptocurrency mining, vegan leather and clothing, reforestation and making delicious vegan food! They have minted their own digital $VAF impact-tokens which are accepted by all of their affiliate businesses for any products, services and experiences they might offer. Vegan Africa Fund hopes to kick-start their green economy with initial funding to back their $VAF token.

Help Vegan Africa Fund pave the way for a plant-based Africa by making a donation to their project on Giveth.

Spread the Love Commission

Spread the Love Commission

Bridges the divide in the US between those experiencing homelessness and the inspired individuals who want to lend a hand. Wren Fialka, the founder, started it all by asking a man experiencing homelessness one question: “If there was a bag of items that I could bring you tomorrow to make your day-to-day life easier, what would be in the bag?”. Based on their simple approach focused on “Connection, Compassion and Vital Supplies” they have been serving communities across the US for the last 6 years.

On the Spread the Love project page they state that anywhere between 600,000 to 1.5 million people experience homelessness across the country, and with Covid-19 financial support ending soon, that number is likely to rise. With only one employee, Spread the Love Commission needs to grow in order to meet these rising challenges. So far they have served over 30 communities and with Giver support they hope to serve many more.

Spread the Love Commission aims to remove the stigma of homelessness and connect those stuck in a vicious cycle with support from those who are ready to offer it. With sustainability, compassion and persistence they hope to end the homelessness crisis once and for all.

Visit the Spread the Love Commission Giveth project page to find out more and help them fund their critical mission!

And that’s a wrap! Thank you to all the Givers that provide support to projects that are making a difference, and to all the change-makers that are finding a way to make positive global impact. It has been amazing to have the opportunity to learn from and highlight so many projects that are daring to be different, working hard to connect humans and improving the world we live in!

While the Change-Maker campaign has ended you can still get some Giveth love by sharing your project with us on Reddit or Twitter for a shout out or a repost on our social media channels. We always appreciate outstanding Giveth projects and are planning to keep highlighting Makers going the extra mile on the Thank you to all of our participants!

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Cowboy Rounding up Submissions

We asked our community to add their projects to and share their stories about how they are changing the world for the better using #giveth4change. Keep reading for our second round of submissions, or submit your story via twitter or reddit to be featured in our next round up.

It’s an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to highlight another batch of great projects shaking things up out in the world! We have four awesome submissions for this period that we would like to share. Let’s check them out:

Diamante Luz Center for Regenerative Living

Diamante Luz Center for Regenerative Living#

is gathering passionate individuals who care about land stewardship and building conscious, intentional communities. They are catalyzing action to restore lands and protect water resources. Based in the Diamante Valley, Costa Rica, their goal is to strengthen connections to local culture and lands by building an integrated village designed to support human development and regenerate local ecosystems. They are nurturing holistic ways of living in order to live in harmony with humanity and Mother Earth. Make a donation to the Diamante Luz Center on!

The Commons Simulator

The Commons Simulator#

is a gamified computation tool powered by a cadCAD backend that blends art and simulation into a choose-your-own-adventure sci-fi storyline. In the game, you travel back in time to use cadCAD as a tool to help a community design a regenerative Commons with the potential to save the world from total planetary and economic destruction. The first level is live and you can play it right now on

Developed by the Commons Stack Dev community, the Commons Simulator illustrates one of the core missions of the Commons Stack: Empowering communities to design their own economies using open source simulation tools. Donations to this project on Giveth will go towards expanding the game by adding another level with a new story and new mechanics, such as the Augmented Bonding Curve. Help the Commons Simulator ‘Level Up’ by making a donation on Giveth!



is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit managed by Craig Anderson. It is a digital asset fundraising ecosystem that is the primary fundraising entity for the AM Winn Community Public School based in Sacramento, California. It’s parent entity, the AM Winn Community Guild, serves primarily low-income and otherwise disadvantaged communities. They facilitate several projects relating to public education funding utilizing the potential of digital assets, NFTs and DeFi protocols. Find out more info and make a donation to AmwFund on Giveth!

Njombe Beyond

Njombe Beyond#

aims to tackle waste management challenges in Njombe, a town of 40,000 in southwest Tanzania. A common challenge in Tanzania is solid waste management, including in Njombe. Mettodo, the project’s creator states:

‘ 35 tons of solid waste is generated daily by the town: 28 tons are taken to a dumpsite, where the waste is usually burned . . . 10 % of the solid waste is plastic waste: 3,500 kg of per day, which is equal to 1000 tons of plastic waste every year.’

Njombe Beyond is working hard to reduce the plastic wasted in Njombe town. Their three specific objectives are:

  • Establish a small scale value chain for recycling plastics within the local community.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders of the program and ensure fair working conditions.
  • Involve schools and local communities in Njombe Beyond to bring awareness to the problems and opportunities of plastic waste.

Check out Njombe Beyond’s project on Giveth!

When we first set out on the change-maker campaign we had decided to wrap things up on the 12th of May, but after some discussion we have decided to extend the change-maker campaign indefinitely. It’s an amazing opportunity to engage with our community and celebrate the amazing projects happening on If you’d like to learn how to participate check out the original medium post for more details on getting your project featured in our submission round-ups!

Heman wants you to make a submission!

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Upholding our values of Transparency and Accountability by sharing recent development updates from this past sprint.

In this past sprint, we worked out the kinks on our rich text editor, allowing Makers to add photos, videos, numbered lists, font styles, headers and more to project descriptions and updates! This should be ready to go on this week. If you’re a project owner, be sure to log-on and update your description to get potential Givers even more excited about what you’ve been up to.

Rich Text Editor Embedded in Create-a-Project
Rich Text Editor Embedded in Create-a-Project#

We also spent some time optimizing the presentation of our Dapp for Mobile, fixing some visual inconsistencies and improving overall usability. We improved upon our email notifications, ensuring that Givers and Makers receive confirmation when a donation is made.

We developed and implemented automated testing for the create-a-project flow and updated the testing guidelines in our documentation — two measures to ensure that new features work as intended.

We also addressed a few bugs: ensured that cancelled projects don’t show up in the projects list, fixed pricing, and rerouted external links for xDai donations to blockscout.

One of our all-star developers also surprised us this past sprint with a proof of concept: building using Next.js and Vercel instead of Gatsby and Netlify. Once we make sure all our functionality is bug-free, this change will drastically improve the UX. We’re talking faster site build, fewer issues on loading and updating, and an overall snappier site experience.

In the future, we’re going to be enhancing the UI so Makers will be able to upload photos via Unsplash when editing or creating a project. We are in the process of updating our Join, About, Contact and Support sections to the most recent info. We are also still working on the integration of an embedded chat bridged directly to our team, and project/profile verification using 3box or other.

Finally, the most exciting update to share is that we are working on giving the site a little makeover. We won’t give too much away, but here’s a little sneak peak of the new design:

Working on a New Look for
Working on a New Look for

We want to extend a huge thank you to our community for all your support so far! Since launching in March, has seen the following metrics:

Working on a New Look for
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As always, we are committed to building the future of giving based on feedback from you, our community! Let us know what you’d like to see us work on in future sprints by trying out the DApp and sharing your thoughts in our Discord.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you at the end of the next sprint for more dev updates 😘

Many thanks to our amazing team for making all this possible: James, Mateo, Kay, Merlin, Danibelle, Willy, Griff, Marko, Mitch, Ashley, and Lauren!

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We asked our community to add their projects to and share their stories about how they are changing the world for the better using #giveth4change. Read on to discover our first round of submissions, or submit your story via twitter or reddit to be featured in our next summary.

Purrfect Project on Giveth

Wow 2 weeks already into the change-maker campaign! It’s been an exciting couple of months for Giveth. We’ve come hot off the heels from the launch right into this opportunity to hear about projects making a difference across the globe. We’ve received six outstanding submissions that we would like to highlight in our first roundup. Without further ado here they are!

Sage to Saddle#

aims to focus Native American youth on healthy lifestyle alternatives, rising above the poverty and substance abuse that they often live with. Nate Bressler realized while on photo-assignment shooting Native American horse racing teams for Outside Magazine, that a winter horse riding facility would greatly benefit the community of Pine Ridge, South Dakota. He teamed up with Lakota Native, Stan Brewer, the driving force behind Pine Ridge’s horse community and Angela Smith, who grew up in Utah and has been involved in nonprofits her whole life. Together, they created lofty but attainable goals that will bring structure, education, celebration, along with the opportunity for these Native youth to lift their chins with pride.

This project hopes to provide an after-school program for kids 8–18 focused on equine relationships in an indoor horse riding arena. Students of the program will be granted the opportunity to learn and grow while carrying on a traditional relationship with the very animal that made their ancestors’ survival possible. Check out Sage to Saddle on Giveth here!

Conscious Medicine Collective#

dreams to create a one-of-a-kind psychedelic consciousness center. Manex Ibar and Victoria Ibar, partners and founders, intend to create powerful experiences to bring together creativity, music, art, and high-end healing. The intention is to gather medical practitioners and influencers together into a club that fosters innovation, problem solving, and creative solutions through the use of plant medicines, psychedelics, and consciousness programs. They seek funding to establish their center on 12 acres of land they already have purchased in the picturesque Basque Pyrenées. Conscious Medicine Collective aims to bring magic, nature and wonder into an experiential club center that provides elevation of consciousness. Venture over to their Giveth project page.

Trust Graphic Novel#

is a transmedia project by Blockchain Philanthropy Champion Anne Connelly and accomplished artist and storyteller Chief Nyamweya. Both a graphic novel and motion comic, it is set in a future African nation that tells the story of Moraa, a young woman who learns about blockchain and uses it to protect her homeland from cultural and ecological destruction. By using storytelling to educate readers about blockchain technology, they hope to inspire African youth to see a bright future and link them to the training to create it. Currently Anne and her team are partnered with groups in Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda and South Africa. The book will cover the basics of blockchains and cryptocurrency, and provide resources and links to their African-based educational partners. You can find their Giveth project here.

Bloom Network#

represents an international community of people and projects working toward regenerative cultures. Local Bloom hubs around the world grow participation in practices such as food security, local economies, celebrations of diversity, and art as cultural transformation. There are tens of thousands of initiatives solving major social and environmental problems, who are excluded from mainstream media and institutional finance because the way they work is naturally collaborative and polycentric. Three big picture goals the Bloom Network hopes to achieve are:

  • Inspire a billion acts of regeneration.
  • Build capacity and relationships across regenerative culture initiatives.
  • Transfer power and resources to decentralized networks.

Contributions made to their project will go towards “Regenerative Actions Ticker” on their homepage, DAO templates that local Bloom chapters can use to fund the coordination labor of actions and launch the “Call to Bloom” that will help 100+ local Blooms get started as centers of regenerative action in their cities. Donate to Bloom Network on!

Must Have Crypto#

is a Cryptocurrency project based out of Kenya led by Mutinda Kisio. The Project is about teaching the masses about Crypto while enabling them to earn a daily basic income. They have minted their own token and plan to use it to teach low income individuals and families about how to use cryptocurrency by providing a steady stream of airdrops up to a maximum of a 1000 addresses. Mutinda is seeking funding to back the value of the token and provide real value to the tokens that are being airdropped. Make a Contribution to Must Have Crypto on their Giveth project page.

Diamante Bridge Collective#

is a group of land stewards in the Diamante Valley, Costa Rica working together to create collective foundational agreements and a local regenerative economy that includes digital currencies for the transparent and accountable recordkeeping of their exchanges. They are building bridges between communities and organizations, local and global cultures, property owners and skilled service providers who are committed to working together long term to care for their bio-region, their neighbors, and the community at large. The Diamante Bridge Collective functions as a hub of many physical nodes, connected via global networks of shared vision and missions with the goal of restoring, preserving and consciously stewarding surrounding lands and watersheds while living harmoniously within them in alignment with planetary values. Donations will help develop infrastructure systems to support growing communities. Head over to their project on to make a donation!

Six change-making projects live on Giveth and inspiring change! There are a couple more weeks left to make submissions so if you or someone you know is working on a great cause then now is the time to get on board! You can check out our original medium post here for more details!

Koolaid Man

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We’re back with another development update from our recent sprint cycle! Read on to stay in-the-know on what’s dAppening at

In this past sprint, we discovered in our testing a wee little bug in our “sort” feature that was causing only the pre-loaded projects to be sorted. Rest assured, we squashed that bug and now the sort/filter/search functionality is working smoothly. We have documented how to obtain a project with a high “quality score” in our Giveth docs. Makers can now ensure that they’re doing everything they can to see their projects rise to the top!

We’ve upgraded the projects page as well with “infinite scroll”, allowing the user to scroll down the page as new projects load automatically.

Infinite Scroll is fun

To further improve upon the quality of projects on our dApp, our team has been working on the new project verification method. We are developing a process in which Makers can submit their projects for review by our team and potentially achieve “verified” status. In the future, verified projects will be eligible for some exciting benefits 😉

Bob Ross for Giveth4Change

If you haven’t heard yet, we launched the “Change Maker Campaign” with #giveth4change, encouraging Makers to creatively share their stories on how they are making a positive impact in the world we live in. Our favourite projects are going to be highlighted across the Giveth social network, helping them gain cred and support!

It runs until May 12, 2021, so it’s not too late to submit your projects!

Coming with our next sprint, we’ll be putting the finishing touches on rich text formatting for project descriptions so Makers can add photos, embed videos, create lists, format texts, and customize the presentation of their project information.

We’re also continuing to improve email notifications so that our users get appropriate and useful emails in accordance with their interactions on Giveth.

Further adding to the dApp, we’ll be integrating an embedded support chat so that users on can ask questions directly to our team while using the platform.

Still in the works is the implementation of efficient methods of fiat on-ramping and off-ramping, and we now have more of our team members focusing efforts on resolving this long standing issue.

As always, we are committed to building the future of giving based on feedback from you, our community! Let us know what you’d like to see us work on in future sprints by trying out the DApp and sharing your thoughts in our Discord.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you at the end of the next sprint for more dev updates 😘

Many thanks to our amazing team for making all this possible: James, Mateo, Kay, Merlin, Danibelle, Willy, Griff, Marko, Mitch, Ashley, and Lauren!

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Are you passionate about changing the world for the better? We want to hear how you’re taking action to improve upon a social or environmental issue that speaks to you. Tell us how you’re making a difference. Share your story.

This is a call to action for all projects that are making a positive impact in the world! We would like to feature your stories on the Giveth social network and bring you into the Giveth ecosystem to help you achieve your goals. We believe in supporting each other to bring about global change as a collective. That’s why we are hard at work building the Future of Giving, connecting Givers to impact projects with a passion for global evolution.

Cat Donating on a Computer

In March of 2021 we launched the new Giveth Donation Application for fostering and facilitating donations to philanthropic projects on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s a free open-source platform for transparent peer-to-peer donations that aims to support innovators by building communities of donors around vital causes.

The goal of this campaign is to provide a space for altruistic developers and change-makers to talk about their passion projects, find guidance, and gain credibility and support with our dApp. So we want to hear from you! Share your perspective and tell us how you are creating change or helping to solve a problem.

Your Task?#

  1. Go to and add your project
  2. Tell your story*
  3. Share your project and story on Twitter or Reddit using the hashtag #Giveth4Change**

*Describe the problem you’re working on, the difference you want to make, and why this matters. Your impact story can be told as a tweet thread, a short video, a blog post/article, a photo journal — feel free to get creative! Be sure to include the message you wish to share with others.

**Submissions must be made either on Twitter (tagging and #Giveth4Change) or under our subreddit (r/giveth with #Giveth4Change). Your submission must include your story and a link to your project on

Great Gatsby calling all change-makers

We will be shining the spotlight on submitted projects by sharing them in Medium blog posts, via Twitter, Discord, and blasting off your praises throughout our network. Don’t miss this opportunity to get involved and get noticed with #Giveth4Change.

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Hello friends and fans of Giveth! This is one part of a series of short transparency posts where we keep you in the loop with updates on what’s in development for

Our new DApp went live at on March 24, 2021, and since then we got some great feedback from our testers and community, and we’ve been hard at work fixing bugs and adding new features.

First, we addressed the issue of gas fees not being calculated correctly, added an informative banner, and enabled users to login directly on xDai chain. We disabled the ability of a project creator to use a contract address for their project so that donations to all projects can be done either on Mainnet or xDai. We also added more tokens to our list in order to allow the Giver to donate with even more flexibility!

We onboarded a new member into our dev team and thanks to him we now have functional automated testing that allows us to make changes to the DApp in development and then push to our testing site with greater confidence.

Next we tackled a bigger fish: the development and implementation of a quality score, sorting/filtering method, and search function to add greater flow and organization to the projects page.

Magic Sorting

Now the projects are sorted by default using a “quality score” — a combination of number of likes, number of donations and quality of project description. We have also added the ability for the user to filter projects by category, and to change the sorting method from the default to “number of likes” or “amount raised”.

Lastly, you are now able to use the search bar to quickly and easily find the exact project you want to view or Give to!

Filter and Sort on
“Filter by Category”, “Sort By” and “Search Projects” Features on

Another exciting update is that we’re now using Segment analytics and Autopilot to track activity on the DApp and send appropriate corresponding notifications. We also worked on some internal organization in our Discord server that enables us to receive notifications so we can monitor site actions (such as new project creation, new donation, etc.) in-house.

In the next sprint we’re excited to continue with QA by getting email notifications working smoothly and ensuring that the donation amount (at time of donation) is being calculated and added to the database correctly. We also plan to add rich text formatting to the project creation flow, and enable the Maker to add videos and/or images to their project description. Furthermore, we are now developing systems for project verification to increase the quality of projects on the DApp.

In the coming weeks we will be investigating fiat integration for on-ramping and off-ramping solutions, and continuing to work on creating a white-label option.

As always, we are committed to building the future of giving based on feedback from you, our community! Let us know what you’d like to see us work on in future sprints by trying out the DApp and sharing your thoughts in our Discord.

Darth Vaders Wants you on Giveth!

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you at the end of the next sprint for more dev updates ;)

Many thanks to our amazing team for making all this possible: James Farrell, Mateo Daza, Kay, Merlin Egalite, Danielle Gennety, Willy Ogorzaly, Griff Green, Mark Prljic, Mitch, Ashley Wagner, and Lauren Bajin!

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