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Discord Introduction and Tutorial

Background - Migration to Discord#

We have moved the majority of our community chat and contributor collaboration from (now Element Chat) to a new server on Discord.

We are using a message relay bridge between Discord, Telegram and Element Chat that reliably mirrors the messages of a few chosen channels between the three applications. If Discord isn't for you, fear not! You can still interact with us using Telegram or Element chat.

The bridging software used is matterbridge. - Shout out to @geleeroyale for making the magic happen!


Onboarding site -

Direct link to join Discord community -

Direct link to join Telegram community -

Direct link to look through the old Riot rooms -

How to join the Giveth Discord server#

Log in to Discord or make a new user. - or download the app (iOS, Android) How to Use Discord : Video (Beginner to Advanced)

Join the Giveth community server Inside each server, you can have a unique nickname so feel free to change yours to whatever you would like to be known as.

Once you have joined the server, a bot will send you a message with a Captcha to solve - you're not a robot are you? It should look something like this:

Channel Descriptions#

Welcome (start here)#

#🤝welcome is our landing channel. This is also where you can assign yourself the role of Giver and / or Maker.
#🚩mission is for feedback, critique, kudos and conversation on the vision and mission of Giveth. We'd also love to hear about your organization here too if you see a good match, let us know why/how you'd like to join forces!
#📚resources is where you will find announcements from Giveth and from our Galaxy partners.
#🔨contribute allows interested parties to align on opportunities for collaboration.


#general is where you will find us generally speaking to one another. Join us!
#📅scheduling is the place to get the when and where on meetings and events.
#📝meetingnotes is for information regarding agendas and notes from our meetings.
#🌐dao provides links to DAO proposals and informs the community when it's time to vote. You can discuss anything proposal-related in this channel.
#👍governance is where we experiment with decentralized governance and document anything that could be useful for future communities like ours.
#💡ideas is a place for you to share inspiration and creative suggestions.
#📣communications is the hub of the communications team (@Comms Stars). Here we discuss creating and editing content, performing outreach and all things related to the communications circle.
#💸fundraising is for discussing ways to expand fundraising frontiers in support of fulfilling the Giveth mission.
#🐦-tweeeeeter is where you find all things related to the Giveth Twitter. It can be used for suggesting / drafting tweets, feedback regarding twitter and sharing or promoting tweets to get more engagement.
#🐸memes are powerful! We host weekly meme parties where we listen to music and pump out spicy memes. The schedule can be found in the calendar.
#✨shtsnggls is for pure fun.
#❤praise is where you can rain praise upon your teammates! Let them know that you recognize the value they add to the Giveth projects and community by typing !praise @username for the awesome thing they did.
#💬support channel provides assistance with any obstacles that you may be facing within the community or on the donation platforms.


#🤝project-onboarding is where prospective project owners can go for suggestions or advice about the project creation flow and how to create engaging and impressive projects on the DApp.
#giveth-trace-payments is used to communicate information about payment transactions happening on the Giveth TRACE bridge. You can find more information about how the bridge works here.


#☝givethtrace-dev is the hub of communications for the Giveth TRACE DApp Development Team. It is used for discussing information involving the build process of our flagship DApp.
#✌givethio-dev is the hub of communications for the DApp Development Team. It is used for discussing information involving the build process of our newest DApp.
#🐇test-reports is for test reports and testing communication for both Giveth DApps.
#🐱github channel is to cross notify pull requests and new Issues in Github in order to increase transparency, and engagement on Github.
#💹giv-economy is the place to share information about the upcoming roll out of GIVbacks and the underlying tokenomics.
#🌈design is for design idea sharing and creative activity on the look, feel and language of any UI or UX updates in the pipeline for Giveth products.

Community (Bridged Channels)#

#🐝1hive serves as bridge channel to our busy bee neighbors at 1Hive.
#🐙metagame bridges to a channel in the Metagame discord server.
#🌱panvala allows our server to be connected to our friends at Panvala.
#🌐te-commons links the Giveth server to the vast community of token engineers over at the TEC.
#gaia-gives connects us with the Gaia Gives community telegram chat.

Voice Channels#

These channels are used for voice and / or video chats with community members.

#groovy-playlist is a text channel used for typing Groovy Bot commands. (More about bot commands below)
meme-party - We meet here for meme parties to jam out and make memes together.
DEV - is used as a meeting place for chats about DApp Development.
Community Calls - is where we meet weekly to share circle and working group updates.
DAO - is the voice channel for our weekly governance and dao discussions.

*All meeting times can be found on the Giveth Calendar.


You can tag certain roles by using "@" followed by the role. You also can tag an individual with "@" followed by the person's handle or nickname.


@Giver - People who love funding for-good projects. You can assign yourself this role in the #🤝welcome channel by reacting to the bot message with the 💝 emoji.
@Maker - People who are working hard to make the world a better place. This role can also be self assigned in the #🤝welcome channel by reacting to the bot message with a 🦄 emoji. @Comms Stars - Communications Team members.
@Unicorn - People who regularly attend calls and are very actively contributing to Giveth.
@DAO - rGIV token holders. You can obtain rGIV tokens by consistently contributing to the community.

Bot Commands#


At Giveth, we love to acknowledge the value that each member brings to the community and provide recognition for the awesomeness that they contribute. The praise given is tracked by PraiseBot and used to calculate rewards for active contributors.

You can praise a fellow community member in any channel by typing !praise followed by "@" and their username. Dont forget to mention why your praising them.

For example: !praise @WhyldWanderer for creating such an amazing Discord Guide 😛

Once you have typed your praise, you will know that the bot has tracked it because a ✅ emoji will appear as a reaction to your message.

When you receive praise, you will be notified by the bot in your direct messages with a link to the message where you were praised.

Simple Poll Bot#

This bot can be used to create a straw poll such as this one:

To create the poll shown above, you would simply type the command as follows: /poll "What is the best poll bot?" "Simple Poll" "R2D2"

By following this template, you can create as many answers to the question you would like and community members can answer by reacting with the corresponding emoji. /poll "Question" "Answer #1" "Answer#2" "Answer #3" ..etc.

Groovy Bot#

Groovy bot can be invited to any of the voice channels on the server. Once you have invited the bot into the channel, anyone can type commands in the #groovy-playlist text channel to start playing or queuing songs. Here is a list of the available commands:

/play 'link or search query' - Loads your input and adds it to the queue; If there is no playing track, then it will start playing
/queue - Displays the current song queue
/skip - Skips to the next song
/back - Skips to the previous song
/clear - Removes all tracks from the queue
/jump 'track position or title' - Skips to the specified track
/lyrics - Displays lyrics for the currently playing track
/pause - Pauses playback
/unpause - Resumes playback
/remove 'track position or title' - Removes the specified track from the queue
/disconnect - Disconnects the bot from your voice channel and clears the queue
/shuffle - Randomizes the current order of tracks in the queue
/song [song] - Displays info about the specified track in the queue

Groovy bot can play music from a multitude of sources including Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, etc. In order to have Groovy bot play from Spotify just click on Share > Copy Playlist Link > copy this into your chat with the -play tag and you’re all set.


If you run into any problems, or need to ask a question, please tag @admin or ask in the #💬support channel.