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Discord Introduction and Tutorial

If you haven’t used Discord before, fear not! Use this guide to help you get started - enjoy the journey and discover welcoming spaces and channels that spark your interest. So, if you’re ready to dive in, here’s a brief introduction to get you started.

Onboarding site -

Direct link to join Discord community -

How to join the Giveth Discord server

Log in to Discord or make a new user. - or download the app (iOS, Android)

How to Use Discord : Video (Beginner to Advanced)

Getting Started with Discord

Join the Giveth community server Inside each server, you can have a unique nickname so feel free to change yours to whatever you would like to be known as.

Once you have joined the server, a bot will send you a message with a Captcha to solve - you're not a robot are you? It should look something like this:

Channel Descriptions

Welcome (start here)

#🤝welcome is our landing channel and contains tips to get you started, including links and basic faqs.
#👋say-hi to the community and tell us what you're working on, what brought you here or what you need help with.
#✋assign-roles allows you to assign yourself to roles, which automatically opens the relevant channels and gets you tagged in working-group related posts.

Notice Board

#📢announcements is where you will find announcements from the Giveth community.
#📅event-calendar weekly and regular meetings and events are listed here in your local time. You can click to add events to your Google calendar.
#📌team availability accessible to team members only - the place where you can find who is on vacation or not available. Let us know when you are on vacation or not available, so we don’t bug you when you’re AFK.
#📋help wanted if you’re interested in joining Giveth and our greater contributor Galaxy - connect here to learn about open job positions.
#📚partner-updates is where you will find announcements from our Galaxy partners.


#💬support if you run into any problems, or need to ask a general question, post it here; please tag @admin or @support. Don’t forget to search the channel to see if there is already info on that topic.

Hop over to any of these channels if your question relates to any of the following:

  • project-onboarding
  • project-verification
  • givbacks
  • faq (in MAKER and GIVER channels)
  • using-crypto channels if your question relates to any of these topics.

#🤝project-onboarding is where prospective project owners can go for suggestions or advice about the project creation flow and how to create engaging and impressive projects on the DApp.
#⭐project-verification channel is where the Project Verification Team collaborates to review new applications and nominations for future verification invites.


#😄 communitas-headquarters a place of new ideas, initiatives and co-creation to make Giveth Community a better place for every member.
#🙂 daily happiness share what makes you happy.
#❤ praise rain praise upon your teammates! Let them know that you recognize the value they add to the various Giveth projects and community by typing "/praise '@username' for 'awesome thing that they did'" and ensure they get rewarded with GIV tokens for their contribution to the community. Follow Praise Bot’s instructions to activate your Praise account (you will need to connect your ETH wallet) and start collecting your rewards when someone /praises you.
# general for when your post doesn’t seem to fit nicely into one of our channels? Jump into the General channel and let us know what’s on your mind. We can chat there or guide you to a channel that fits.
#💡 ideas is a place for you to share inspirating and creative suggestions.
#✨ shtsnggls is for pure fun.
#🐦 tweeeeeter is where you will find all things related to the Giveth Twitter. It can be used for suggesting or drafting tweets, feedback regarding Twitter and sharing or promoting tweets to get more engagement. Please ask to become part of our Tweeeeter team to amplify Giveth message on Twitter using our Tweet bot.
#🐸 memes are powerful! We host weekly meme parties where we listen to music and pump out spicy memes. The schedule can be found in the calendar.
#💸 shill-your-project share info about your project, join discussions and expand fundraising frontiers in support of fulfilling Giveth's mission.
#➿ feedback through Typeform collected on the platform ( is displayed in this channel.


#🌎 latam
# PT português
# ES español-spanish

Collaborator Space

#🥇 bounties view tasks and apply for bounties in this channel. Click on each task to discover what’s required, what skills are needed, rewards offered, how to apply and the status.
#🤝 partner-threads
#💬 collab-chat want to collaborate with Giveth? Have a proposal? Head to the collab-chat channel and we’ll let you know the next steps.

Giver Space

#👣 project-activity
#🎁 givbacks go here if you want to keep up-to-date with GIVback rounds, distributions and support?
#💬 giver-chat is a great space for givers to talk about projects they support and causes they are interested in.

Maker Space

#❓ faq
#🧮 fundraising-101 share tips and learn about fundraising in crypto.
#💱 using-crypto this channel is for sharing info and support on all the different ways to access and use your crypto donations.
#💬 maker-chat this channel is a great space for makers to network with other makers.


#📣 communications hub of the Communications Team. You can find us here creating content, performing outreach and all things that are included in the Communications Circle. If you need the attention of the team, you can tag @Comms Stars in your message.
#🗒 docs let's talk about Giveth docs!
#🖋 docs-translations


#🌐 dao provides links to DAO proposals and informs the community when it's time to vote. You can discuss anything proposal-related in this channel.
#👍 governance is where we experiment with decentralized governance and document anything that could be useful for future communities like ours.
#🔑 multisigs channel is for the operators and signatories on the Giveth multisigs.
# giveth-trace-payments is used to communicate information about payment transactions happening on the Giveth TRACE bridge. You can find more information about how the bridge works here.
#🏆 rewards is where the rewards team hang-out.


#👌 all-dev is the channel for general development discussions that include the Giveth Development Team as a whole.
#☝ givethtrace-dev is the hub of communications for the Giveth TRACE DApp Development Team.
#🐇 test-reports is for test reports and testing communication for both Giveth DApps.


#🌈 design is for design idea sharing and creative activity on the look, feel and language of any UI or UX updates in the pipeline for Giveth products.


#💹 giv-economy is the place to share information about about Giveth tokenomics and its continuous evolution.
#🧲 giveth-fundraising is where the fundraising team hang-out. #🔬 givbacks-distribution is where the GIVbacks review team hang-out and post GIVback distribution voting links are posted.


#🚨 raise-incident A message sent in this channel will trigger automated incident management - be careful, you might wake somebody :)
#❔ incident-status
# ops


#🐝 1hive serves as bridge channel to our busy bee neighbors at 1Hive.
#🌐 te-commons links the Giveth server to the vast community of token engineers over at the TEC.
#🐙 metagame bridges to a channel in the Metagame discord server.
#✨ general-magic allows our server to be connected to our friends at Panvala.


# devops-monitoring
# github-log is to cross notify pull requests and new Issues in Github in order to increase transparency, and engagement on Github.
# giveth-io-event-log is used as a log for Segment events that are tracked on
# segment-dev relays events from dev environments.

Server Stats

# daily-stats

Voice Channels

These channels are used for voice and / or video chats with community members.

#chip-playlist is a text channel used for typing Chip Bot commands. (More about bot commands below)
Community is used as a meeting place for the Community Circle working groups as well as weekly Community Calls.
🦄-only is used as a meeting place for Giveth core-team members.
Communications is where the Communications Team gathers for weekly syncs and hack sessions.
DAO only Developers is a meeting place for the Platform Circle working groups.
Governance is the voice channel for our weekly Governance and DAO working group discussions.
GIVeconomy is where GIVeconomy working groups gather for weekly syncs and hack sessions.

*All meeting times can be found on the Giveth Calendar.


You can tag certain roles by using "@" followed by the role. You also can tag an individual with "@" followed by the person's handle or nickname.


Roles that can be self-assigned in the "assign-roles" channel

@Giver People who love funding for-good projects. You can assign yourself this role in the #🤝welcome channel by reacting to the bot message with the 💝 emoji.
@Maker People who are working hard to make the world a better place. This role can also be self assigned in the #🤝welcome channel by reacting to the bot message with a 🦄 emoji.
@Collborator People who want to collaborate or complete bounties.
@Community Circle People who want to get involved with our community.
@Givernance Circle People who are interested in discovering more about Giveth governance.
@Platform Circle People who are interested in the development of the Giveth platform.

@Unicorn - People who regularly attend calls and are very actively contributing to Giveth.
@DAO - rGIV token holders. You can obtain rGIV tokens by consistently contributing to the community.
@Comms Stars - Communications Team members.
@Community Support - Members of the Community Support working group.
@Governance - Members of the Governance wroking group.
@Design - Members of the Design working group.

Bot Commands


At Giveth, we love to acknowledge the value that each member brings to the community and provide recognition for the awesomeness that they contribute. The praise given is tracked by PraiseBot and used to calculate rewards for active contributors.

You can praise a fellow community member in any channel by typing /praise followed by "@" and their username. Don't forget to mention why you're praising them.

For example: /praise @WhyldWanderer for creating such an amazing Discord Guide 😛

Once you have typed your praise, you will know that the bot has tracked it because a ✅ emoji will appear as a reaction to your message.

When you receive praise, you will be notified by the bot in your direct messages with a link to the message where you were praised.

Simple Poll Bot

This bot can be used to create a straw poll such as this one:

To create the poll shown above, you would simply type the command as follows: /poll "What is the best poll bot?" "Simple Poll" "R2D2"

By following this template, you can create as many answers to the question you would like and community members can answer by reacting with the corresponding emoji. /poll "Question" "Answer #1" "Answer#2" "Answer #3" ..etc.

Chip Bot

Chip bot can be invited to any of the voice channels on the server. Once you have invited the bot into the channel, anyone can type commands in the #chip-playlist text channel to start playing or queuing songs. Here is a list of the available commands:

ch!p 'link or search query' - Loads your input and adds it to the queue; If there is no playing track, then it will start playing
ch!queue - Displays the current song queue
ch!skip - Skips to the next song
ch!clear - Removes all tracks from the queue
ch!skipto 'track position or title' - Skips to the specified track
ch!lyrics - Displays lyrics for the currently playing track
ch!pause - Pauses playback
ch!resume - Resumes playback
ch!remove 'track position or title' - Removes the specified track from the queue
ch!stop - Disconnects the bot from your voice channel and clears the queue
ch!shuffle - Randomizes the current order of tracks in the queue
ch!nowplaying - Displays information about the current playing track.

Chip bot can play music from a multitude of sources including Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, etc. In order to have Chip bot play from Spotify just click on Share > Copy Playlist Link > copy this into your chat with the ch!p tag and you’re all set.


If you run into any problems, or need to ask a question, please tag @admin or ask in the #💬support channel.