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Giveth is a zero-fee crypto donation platform.

Unlike most donation platforms, Giveth does not charge fees from our users. That means that 100% of the amount you donate goes directly to the project!

It is free to create a project on Giveth and send or receive donations. All donations are truly peer-to-peer, transacted directly from the donor’s wallet to the project’s wallet. No intermediaries. Giveth is constantly integrating more networks with lower gas fees (the amount you pay to the blockchain network when transacting crypto) and additional token options for donors to choose from. For some networks we work with, these fees are fractions of a penny!

The Giveth Philosophy

Rather than building business models, we’re building economic models. Our vision is to help nonprofits change the way they’re funded by evolving towards their own regenerative microeconomies using the innovative tools and funding mechanisms of web3. Instead of resorting to an old model of extracting value from users with fees, we can leverage the “money legos” of web3 to reward creation and innovation around public goods, build incredible community-driven networks, and maximize changemakers’ impact on the ground.

Giveth is predominantly funded by donations and grants while we continue building towards this vision, leading the way with the launch of our own GIVeconomy and associated GIV token in 2019. We are developing new revenue streams that support both projects and the Giveth DAO through products like GIVFi, which will generate yields on unclaimed crypto donation funds, to the benefit of both our users and the Giveth platform. Ultimately the launch of Gurves, bonding curves collateralized by GIV, will complete Giveth’s evolution from a nonprofit donation platform to a sustainable center for impact investing, and enable projects on Giveth to do the same.

Read more about what we’re building here.