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Working with Giveth as an External Collaborator

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Hey buidler!

We are stoked that you are interested in helping us buidl the Future of Giving. This short doc will give you the tips and tricks to work effectively with Giveth.

If you don’t here are a few ways to get inspired:

Once you have an idea, contributing to Giveth is as easy as 1-2-3! Here’s what to do:

1. Create a proposal

Anyone is welcome to create a proposal on Giveth’s Forum. Proposals can be very detailed or intentionally broad to get some feedback and polish the details in the advice process. Here is a proposal template to help you rock this step. If you are not that comfortable writing a proposal in the forum yet, you can go to the collab chat channel on Discord to get advice or join the AMA community orientation call (Wednesdays at 10 am CST).

2. Get signaling and feedback

Your proposal must be active in the forum for 5 days for the “advice process”. Signaling for support or specific details on the proposal can be achieved by inserting polls into the proposals. It’s strongly recommended to seek community engagement. To that end, you might consider using the following:

  • Giveth Discord channels
  • GIVernance meeting - where our governance working group discusses active proposals in the forum (Mondays at 9 am CST).

3. Final decision

After the 5-day advice process, the proposal can be updated using the collected feedback & moved to the voting phase. When the proposal doesn’t require a budget, it should be posted and voted on Giveth Snapshot. If funding is necessary it should be posted and voted on in the GIVgarden.

Don’t forget to post a link to the Snapshot or GIVgarden vote on the original Forum post. To learn more about these voting apps & their requirements, check out our documentation.

  • Ask for help. Giveth Discord is full of people who want to help!
  • If the proposal requires funding, be clear about how you will use the funds.
  • If you are unfamiliar with Giveth processes or the Giveth Dapp, try to find a champion who can help you understand how to create more value for Giveth (@Cotabe#4096 supports external collaborators).

Good! Now you know what’s the best way to work with Giveth as an external collaborator, it would be awesome to join us in the journey of Building the Future of Giving.