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DAO Structure

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Giveth actively experiments with different organizational structures and governance models. We currently divide our contributors and work done by subDAOs & Chapters. To learn more about specific governance processes, read here


The Giveth DAO is divided into smaller subDAOs or Working Groups (WG), each subDAO is responsible for managing it's own budget, goals and contributors, each subDAO also has a leader that carries the flag and ensure all of their contributors work towards not only the goals of the subDAO but also that they serve the Giveth Mission. subDAOs are financially beholden to the DAO in that they must present a budget every 3 months (Seasons) along with the goals they are hoping to achieve by the end of each Season. Budget proposals follow standard giveth Advice Process and subsequent voting on Snapshot.

SubDAOs are based around different products and programs and can have a wide range of contributors from developers, designers, community managers, marketers, etc.

Giveth currently has 5 subDAOs in operation, they are:

You can learn more about each by clicking any of the links above leading to their Working Group Proposal on the Giveth Forum.

Anyone can propose a new subDAO to Giveth but they must create a proposal following roughly the format of the above proposals and submit it to the Giveth Forum where other community members will comment and eventually vote on the proposal.


Chapters are groups of contributors who share a skill set or roughly complementary work. The purpose of Chapters is to maintain consistency and cohesion between different skill groups such as designers or developers. Most Chapters have leaders that coordinate tasks and make sure Working Groups get the resources they need to achieve their goals. Chapters do not have explicit proposals or budgets that need to be approved by the DAO since most work done by Chapters are attributed to servicing Working Groups.

Some Chapters have informal meetings, some have more strict scrum and sprint planning ceremonies, each Chapter's organiation is flexible to the needs and nuances of each skill set it comprises.

These are the current Chapters in Giveth:

  • Development
  • Design
  • Comms & Marketing
  • Product
  • devOps

To learn more about Chapters, join the Giveth Discord and introduce yourself!

Other DAO Stuff

Giveth also uses other tools like Gnosis Safes and Aragon DAOs that are managed by either certain working groups or specific trusted contributors, as well as the GIVgarden for funding community initiatives.