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Giveth Matching Pool

The Giveth Matching Pool is raising funds to distribute to verified projects on Giveth. It is perfect for donors who want to have a broad impact for public goods while getting rewarded with GIVbacks.

The Giveth Matching Pool recipient address is a 7/15 multisig at donation.eth that is managed by core Giveth team members. Donations made to this project, or directly to the donation.eth multisig, on Mainnet or Gnosis Chain are eligible for GIVbacks. 100% of collected funds by this multisig will be distributed to verified projects on Giveth. Only donations on the GIVbacks token list are eligible for GIVbacks.

We have a raise goal of $500,000, and once it is achieved, we will begin to distribute the funds to verified projects on Giveth at the end of each 2-week donation round. The raise goal ensures we have enough funds to provide significant matching ($10-20k) every 2 weeks for a full year (26 total rounds).

The exact details of how the donations will be distributed are to be determined. Please contribute your feedback and ideas to help us design the system for allocating these matching funds by weighing in on our forum. We’ll keep you posted with the results in project updates!