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Change-Maker Submissions — Round Up #2!

Cowboy Rounding up Submissions

We asked our community to add their projects to and share their stories about how they are changing the world for the better using #giveth4change. Keep reading for our second round of submissions, or submit your story via twitter or reddit to be featured in our next round up.

It’s an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to highlight another batch of great projects shaking things up out in the world! We have four awesome submissions for this period that we would like to share. Let’s check them out:

Diamante Luz Center for Regenerative Living

Diamante Luz Center for Regenerative Living#

is gathering passionate individuals who care about land stewardship and building conscious, intentional communities. They are catalyzing action to restore lands and protect water resources. Based in the Diamante Valley, Costa Rica, their goal is to strengthen connections to local culture and lands by building an integrated village designed to support human development and regenerate local ecosystems. They are nurturing holistic ways of living in order to live in harmony with humanity and Mother Earth. Make a donation to the Diamante Luz Center on!

The Commons Simulator

The Commons Simulator#

is a gamified computation tool powered by a cadCAD backend that blends art and simulation into a choose-your-own-adventure sci-fi storyline. In the game, you travel back in time to use cadCAD as a tool to help a community design a regenerative Commons with the potential to save the world from total planetary and economic destruction. The first level is live and you can play it right now on

Developed by the Commons Stack Dev community, the Commons Simulator illustrates one of the core missions of the Commons Stack: Empowering communities to design their own economies using open source simulation tools. Donations to this project on Giveth will go towards expanding the game by adding another level with a new story and new mechanics, such as the Augmented Bonding Curve. Help the Commons Simulator ‘Level Up’ by making a donation on Giveth!



is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit managed by Craig Anderson. It is a digital asset fundraising ecosystem that is the primary fundraising entity for the AM Winn Community Public School based in Sacramento, California. It’s parent entity, the AM Winn Community Guild, serves primarily low-income and otherwise disadvantaged communities. They facilitate several projects relating to public education funding utilizing the potential of digital assets, NFTs and DeFi protocols. Find out more info and make a donation to AmwFund on Giveth!

Njombe Beyond

Njombe Beyond#

aims to tackle waste management challenges in Njombe, a town of 40,000 in southwest Tanzania. A common challenge in Tanzania is solid waste management, including in Njombe. Mettodo, the project’s creator states:

‘ 35 tons of solid waste is generated daily by the town: 28 tons are taken to a dumpsite, where the waste is usually burned . . . 10 % of the solid waste is plastic waste: 3,500 kg of per day, which is equal to 1000 tons of plastic waste every year.’

Njombe Beyond is working hard to reduce the plastic wasted in Njombe town. Their three specific objectives are:

  • Establish a small scale value chain for recycling plastics within the local community.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders of the program and ensure fair working conditions.
  • Involve schools and local communities in Njombe Beyond to bring awareness to the problems and opportunities of plastic waste.

Check out Njombe Beyond’s project on Giveth!

When we first set out on the change-maker campaign we had decided to wrap things up on the 12th of May, but after some discussion we have decided to extend the change-maker campaign indefinitely. It’s an amazing opportunity to engage with our community and celebrate the amazing projects happening on If you’d like to learn how to participate check out the original medium post for more details on getting your project featured in our submission round-ups!

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