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The First Change-Maker Submission Roundup is In!

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We asked our community to add their projects to and share their stories about how they are changing the world for the better using #giveth4change. Read on to discover our first round of submissions, or submit your story via twitter or reddit to be featured in our next summary.

Purrfect Project on Giveth

Wow 2 weeks already into the change-maker campaign! It’s been an exciting couple of months for Giveth. We’ve come hot off the heels from the launch right into this opportunity to hear about projects making a difference across the globe. We’ve received six outstanding submissions that we would like to highlight in our first roundup. Without further ado here they are!

Sage to Saddle

aims to focus Native American youth on healthy lifestyle alternatives, rising above the poverty and substance abuse that they often live with. Nate Bressler realized while on photo-assignment shooting Native American horse racing teams for Outside Magazine, that a winter horse riding facility would greatly benefit the community of Pine Ridge, South Dakota. He teamed up with Lakota Native, Stan Brewer, the driving force behind Pine Ridge’s horse community and Angela Smith, who grew up in Utah and has been involved in nonprofits her whole life. Together, they created lofty but attainable goals that will bring structure, education, celebration, along with the opportunity for these Native youth to lift their chins with pride.

This project hopes to provide an after-school program for kids 8–18 focused on equine relationships in an indoor horse riding arena. Students of the program will be granted the opportunity to learn and grow while carrying on a traditional relationship with the very animal that made their ancestors’ survival possible. Check out Sage to Saddle on Giveth here!

Conscious Medicine Collective

dreams to create a one-of-a-kind psychedelic consciousness center. Manex Ibar and Victoria Ibar, partners and founders, intend to create powerful experiences to bring together creativity, music, art, and high-end healing. The intention is to gather medical practitioners and influencers together into a club that fosters innovation, problem solving, and creative solutions through the use of plant medicines, psychedelics, and consciousness programs. They seek funding to establish their center on 12 acres of land they already have purchased in the picturesque Basque Pyrenées. Conscious Medicine Collective aims to bring magic, nature and wonder into an experiential club center that provides elevation of consciousness. Venture over to their Giveth project page.

Trust Graphic Novel

is a transmedia project by Blockchain Philanthropy Champion Anne Connelly and accomplished artist and storyteller Chief Nyamweya. Both a graphic novel and motion comic, it is set in a future African nation that tells the story of Moraa, a young woman who learns about blockchain and uses it to protect her homeland from cultural and ecological destruction. By using storytelling to educate readers about blockchain technology, they hope to inspire African youth to see a bright future and link them to the training to create it. Currently Anne and her team are partnered with groups in Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda and South Africa. The book will cover the basics of blockchains and cryptocurrency, and provide resources and links to their African-based educational partners. You can find their Giveth project here.

Bloom Network

represents an international community of people and projects working toward regenerative cultures. Local Bloom hubs around the world grow participation in practices such as food security, local economies, celebrations of diversity, and art as cultural transformation. There are tens of thousands of initiatives solving major social and environmental problems, who are excluded from mainstream media and institutional finance because the way they work is naturally collaborative and polycentric. Three big picture goals the Bloom Network hopes to achieve are:

  • Inspire a billion acts of regeneration.
  • Build capacity and relationships across regenerative culture initiatives.
  • Transfer power and resources to decentralized networks.

Contributions made to their project will go towards “Regenerative Actions Ticker” on their homepage, DAO templates that local Bloom chapters can use to fund the coordination labor of actions and launch the “Call to Bloom” that will help 100+ local Blooms get started as centers of regenerative action in their cities. Donate to Bloom Network on!

Must Have Crypto

is a Cryptocurrency project based out of Kenya led by Mutinda Kisio. The Project is about teaching the masses about Crypto while enabling them to earn a daily basic income. They have minted their own token and plan to use it to teach low income individuals and families about how to use cryptocurrency by providing a steady stream of airdrops up to a maximum of a 1000 addresses. Mutinda is seeking funding to back the value of the token and provide real value to the tokens that are being airdropped. Make a Contribution to Must Have Crypto on their Giveth project page.

Diamante Bridge Collective

is a group of land stewards in the Diamante Valley, Costa Rica working together to create collective foundational agreements and a local regenerative economy that includes digital currencies for the transparent and accountable recordkeeping of their exchanges. They are building bridges between communities and organizations, local and global cultures, property owners and skilled service providers who are committed to working together long term to care for their bio-region, their neighbors, and the community at large. The Diamante Bridge Collective functions as a hub of many physical nodes, connected via global networks of shared vision and missions with the goal of restoring, preserving and consciously stewarding surrounding lands and watersheds while living harmoniously within them in alignment with planetary values. Donations will help develop infrastructure systems to support growing communities. Head over to their project on to make a donation!

Six change-making projects live on Giveth and inspiring change! There are a couple more weeks left to make submissions so if you or someone you know is working on a great cause then now is the time to get on board! You can check out our original medium post here for more details!

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