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Giveth Referral Program

The Giveth referral program is a way for users to earn rewards by inviting their friends and network to donate to impact projects. Since the launch of the GIVeconomy in 2020, donors can earn GIV tokens when they donate to verified projects thanks to our GIVbacks program. With our referral program, users can earn even more rewards!

By encouraging their friends and network to donate on Giveth through their unique referral link, referrers' can earn up to 50% of their friend's GIVbacks as well (an equivalent of up to 40% of the value of the donation amount).

Who is eligible to participate?

This referral program is open to everyone! It doesn't matter if you're a project owner, a recurrent donor or just passionate about public goods. If you'd like to earn rewards and make a positive impact, you can generate your own referral link and share it on social media, your website or favorite community channels.

Project owners are able to participate too, making this the first time that they can earn GIVbacks for donations to their project. Past donors can also use the program to earn GIVbacks without actually donating: by sharing their referral links and getting rewarded for donations made to their favorite projects.

Getting Started

In order to participate in the Giveth referral program, you will need to sign into Giveth.

Next, look for the Share & get rewarded button to generate your unique links to specific pages across the Giveth site.

Referral Button

Copy your unique link from the corresponding modal and start sharing it to encourage your network to give to good causes.

Referral ConnectReferral Link

That's it! If someone gets to Giveth by clicking on your link, you’ll earn GIVbacks rewards for any donation they make to verified projects for a specific period of time (see Earnings below).

Any GIV rewards you earn will be claimable from the GIVbacks page within 2-3 weeks. Check our GIVbacks documentation for more information about how GIVbacks works.



When someone donates through your unique referral link, you can receive up to 50% of the GIVbacks for their donation. This exact percentage varies depending on if the referred donor is a new Giveth user or an existing user (someone who has interacted with the Giveth dApp in the past). It’s important to note that 100% of every donation still goes directly to the project.

If you refer someone new to Giveth

If your referee has never used Giveth before, you will earn 50% of the GIVbacks corresponding to each donation they make to a verified project in the current and subsequent GIVbacks rounds. In other words, you earn GIVbacks for any donations they make to verified projects for a minimum of two weeks from the time they click your referral link. For example, if you refer a new user to donate in GIVbacks round 30, you will be entitled to 50% of all GIVbacks generated from all donations made in GIVbacks round 30 and 31 from that user. Learn more about GIVbacks rounds here.

If you refer an existing Giveth user to donate

If your referee has interacted with the in the past, you will earn 50% of the GIVbacks that would have been allocated to that user for a period of 24 hours from when that user clicks on your referral link. For example, if a returning user clicks on your referral link at 9am, you will be entitled to 50% of all GIVbacks generated from all donations the user makes to verified projects until 9am the following day (24 hours).