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Tools for Decentralized Communities

Distributed teams need distributed tools!

Although we try to meet in person too, the most important aspect of running interconnected teams whose members are scattered around the globe comes down to the tools at our disposal. We always try to find the most open and expandable software tools to improve our organizational capability.

When we are looking at available software for organization, open-source comes first, usability second. Sometimes we have to make our own tool or most likely expand on the work previously done by others. Explore our world-readable logs on Youtube, our Docs and the Chat - It should give you a good impression of who we are and what we are working on.


The Giveth community mainly communicates through these platforms: Discord is currently the recommended option for joining the community. We also have a telegram chat that is bridged to our server. Telegram is also used and the chat group is bridged to the general channel in Discord.

Documents and Files

The Giveth DAC uses cloud-storage services for transparent document management. Most of our working documents are hosted and shared within Notion.


Currently we are evaluating AragonDAO which is an excellent decentralized solution for decision-making.


Transparent tracking of spending on our own Donation Application.


You can find news and updates on our Medium page.


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