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We are moving towards a fully decentralized governance system. We value transparent, holistic governance and hope to be a shining example of it. We readily adopt new innovations that support us in embodying our values. Within the Giveth DAC (Decentralized Altruistic Community), we are documenting anything that could be useful for future decentralized communities like ours (through concepts like Sociocracy, RewardDAO, Liquid Pledging and more).

We have been using the different iterations of our DApp to compensate the team members’ efforts in a way that shows milestone achievements towards the common vision. We believe in the self-organizing power of sociocracy, which we apply in the organization of tasks, communication in our Discord channels and during our governance meetings.

Learn + Contribute#

You can read more on all of our initiatives on our Medium blog.

The Discord channel for all things Governance can be found here. If you haven't already joined our Giveth Discord server, we invite you to connect with us here!

GIVernance Meetings are held weekly online and can be found scheduled on the Giveth calendar. The meeting room can be found here - feel free to join us! If you want to get a feel of what we discuss during our weekly meetings, all of them can be found on our Giveth Transparency YouTube channel.

Below you can find an overview of the goals we are working towards. If you have any questions or are interested in contributing to building the future of giving, pretty please contact us on Discord.


  • Internal Governance Innovation: Experiment with and document decentralized governance structures within the Giveth DAC (e.g. Sociocracy, RewardDAO,Conviction Voting, SourceCred, etc.) that could be useful for future Decentralized Altruistic Organizations to learn from and implement (Modeling DACs).

  • Improving the Ethereum Commons: Get the Blockchain (in Blockchain4Good) going. When Giveth runs into a problem, like scaling, help solve that problem for everyone rather than just ourselves. This expresses itself by collaborating with partners like The Commons Stack, DAppNode, BrightID and 1Hive.

  • Structure & Organization: Cover basic needs of the Giveth DAC to function, such as creating and maintaining basic team structure, conflict resolution, administration, financial transparency, organization of team gatherings and quality assurance / quality control.

  • Raise Funding: Oversee donation raising for the Giveth DAC through grants and reaching out to the community.

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