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DApp Development

Welcome to the Giveth DApp Development Circle!

The Giveth DApp Development Circle is building open source platforms to realize our vision for the future of giving.

We have created and are continuing to improve two unique DApps to facilitate donations to for-good projects on the Ethereum blockchain. Giveth TRACE has a larger scope - offering unique features for customization and traceability. offers a streamlined UI and an overall easier user experience.

DApp Development meetings are held weekly online and can be found scheduled on the Giveth calendar. For Giveth TRACE, the meeting room can be found here and the Discord channel is here. For, the meeting room can be found here and the Discord channel is here, feel free to join us! If you want to get a feel of what we discuss during our weekly meetings, all of them can be found on our Giveth Transparency YouTube channel.

Giveth DApp Development is tracked and deployed from our GitHub. Check out what we're working on, fork our code, or find out how you can use your skills for "Blockchain for Good". Below you can find an overview of the goals we are working towards.

If you have any questions or are interested in contributing, feel free to reach out to someone in the #givethtrace-dev or #givethio-dev channels on Discord!


  • Fund Public Goods: Develop free, open-source platforms that serve as bridges between the Makers of "for-good" impact projects and Giver support using the revolutionary funding opportunities of the cryptospace.
  • Incentivize Donations: Design an economy of giving where users are incentivized and rewarded for donating to legitimate social and environmental impact projects.
  • Create Whitelabel: Design whitelabel and support other communities in their use of our open-source code.
  • Support Fiat and Crypto Donations: Allow seamless integration of fiat donations and chain-agnostic (multi-chain support) crypto contributions.
  • Improve Useability: Create a user-friendly interface to allow an easy onboarding process for the new-to-crypto.
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