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Giveth Circles

Our organization can be sub-divided into 4 internal circles: Governance, Communications, DApp Development, and Community. The goals of each individual circle are unique, but are aligned with our core values, our mission and our vision to build the future of giving. The circles and their respective goals are outlined in the sections below.


The Community Circle is the living and breathing core of Giveth, where we cultivate learning and support innovative projects with a focus on blockchain for good.


  • Grow the Blockchain4good Initiative: Provide resources, education and support for community members focusing on blockchain4good & boosting the Ethereum/blockchain ecosystem.
  • Build Community around For-Good Projects: Create a safe space for community members to communicate their passion projects, then recruit help or guidance from peers.
  • Create a Network of Partners: Oversee anything beyond basic DApp development in the Giveth Galaxy.


We are moving toward a fully decentralized governance system. We have been using our DApp to compensate the team members’ efforts in a way that shows milestone achievements towards the common vision. We believe in the self-organizing power of sociocracy, which we apply in the organization of tasks, our Discord channels and during our governance meetings. We also have an Aragon DAO deployment that we use to propose and vote on important governance topics using token-weighted voting.


  • Internal Governance Innovation: Experiment with and document decentralized governance structures within the Giveth DAO (e.g. Holacracy, Sociocracy, RewardDAO, Conviction Voting, SourceCred etc.) that could be useful for future Decentralized Altruistic Organizations to learn from and implement (Modeling DACs).
  • Improving the Ethereum Commons: Get the Blockchain in #blockchain4good going. When Giveth runs into a problem, like scaling, we help solve that problem for everyone rather than just ourselves. This expresses itself by collaborating with various organizations such as: Commons Stack, TEC, DAppNode, BrightID, 1Hive, and MetaGame.
  • Structure & Organization: Cover basic needs of the Giveth DAO to function, such as creating and maintaining basic team structure, conflict resolution, administration, financial transparency, organization of team gatherings and quality assurance.
  • Raise Funding: Oversee fundraising for the Giveth DAO through grants and reaching out to the community.


The Giveth Comms Circle strives to uplift, inspire and support - exemplifying transparency and creating a clear channel of communication between the Giveth Unicorns and the Community at large.


  • DApp Development Communication: Communicate DApp Development to Givers and Makers for the purposes of building trust and onboarding Communities, Campaigns and Projects.
  • Outreach: Communicate the activity of our cirlces externally through the Giveth channels with the purpose of providing transparency while growing our Community and and strengthening partnerships.
  • Community Management: Nurture and grow our internal community with the purpose of getting more talent in and promoting cross-pollination.
  • Providing Transparency: Experiment and document decentralization of communication with the purpose of modeling efficient communication for future DAOs.

DApp Development#

The Giveth DApp Development Circle is building open source platforms to realize our vision for the future of giving.


  • Fund Public Goods: Develop free, open-source platforms that serve as bridges between the Makers of "for-good" impact projects and Giver support using the revolutionary funding opportunities of the cryptospace.
  • Incentivize Donations: Design an economy of giving where users are incentivized and rewarded for donating to legitimate social and environmental impact projects.
  • Create Whitelabel: Design whitelabel and support other communities in their use of our open-source code.
  • Support Fiat and Crypto Donations: Allow seamless integration of fiat donations and chain-agnostic (multi-chain support) crypto contributions.
  • Improve Useability: Create a user-friendly interface to allow an easy onboarding process for the new-to-crypto.
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