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Giveth Circles

Our organization can be sub-divided into 3 internal circles: GIVernance, Platform, and Community. The goals of each individual circle are unique, but are aligned with our core values, our mission and our vision to build the future of giving. The circles and their respective goals are outlined in the sections below.


This circle is held down by the Communications team yet comprised of representatives from the other two Circles, as well as various working groups that may form. Here is where new contributors, project owners, campaign managers, collaborators, conspirateurs, catalysts and really all the cool cats come to play, learn, give and grow.


  • Build Community around For-Good Projects by nourishing relations between Givers, Makers and the greater community through meaningful engagement, outreach, trust facilitation and conflict resolution - creating a safe space for community members to communicate their passion projects, then recruit help or guidance from peers.
  • Offer a Clear & Supportive Onboarding Process as Giveth develops the Dapps, economy, DAO and ongoing new features. The community circle provides a well-defined, transparent and helpful onboarding process that supports the needs of Contributors, Communities, Campaigns, Projects and Donors as well as functions as a bridge for newcomers into the crypto space.
  • Coordinate External and Internal Communications when broadcasting or sharing activity and development progress externally through the Giveth channels and social media - ensuring that the voice of Giveth as an organization is aligned with our overarching Values, Vision, Mission and Goals and that all Giveth Circles are represented.
  • Create a Network of Partners by way of collaboration, relationship building and support of common goals with various strategic partner organizations as well as community members focused on blockchain4good and improving the ethereum commons - providing resources, education and sharing of best practices. Partners currently include communities like Commons Stack, TEC, DAppNode, BrightID, 1Hive, Panvala, GitCoin and MetaGame.


Giveth aims to be a donor-focused organization that GIVs back to those who use our platform to transparently and accountably support change in the world.

We value transparent, holistic governance and hope to be a shining example of it. We explore and readily adopt new innovations that support us in embodying these values. We believe in the self-organizing power of sociocracy, which we apply in the organization of tasks, participation in the Proposal and Advice Process, and facilitation of our governance meetings.

Our circle is uniting the power of our Decentralized Autonomous Community (DAC) with the non-profit advantages of our Donor Advised Foundation (DAF) to iterate upon creation of our governing Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).


  • Demonstrate Fiscal Accountability by responsibly provisioning funds and skills toward team structure, conflict resolution, administration, financial transparency, organization of team gatherings and quality assurance. Meet the resource needs of the Giveth community, platform and economy.
  • Innovate Internal Governance through experimenting with and documenting decentralized governance systems within the Giveth DAO structure (e.g. Sociocracy, RewardDAO, Conviction Voting, SourceCred, etc.) that could prove useful for future Decentralized Altruistic Organizations to learn from and implement their own versions.
  • Collaborate with the Ethereum Ecosystem to develop collaborative tools that generate mutual benefit and success by partnering with and participating in the governance of other mission-aligned organizations such as: Commons Stack, Token Engineering Commons, DAppNode, BrightID, 1Hive, GitCoin and MetaGame.
  • Create Regenerative Value that nurtures and grows the Giveth Token Economy (GIVeconomy) by empowering individuals toward inclusive decentralized decision making with outcomes that have real impact on the organization and positive change in the world when cascaded through our listed projects.


The Giveth Platform Circle is the terminal for designers, developers, testers, systems engineers and product managers alike, and is where the Future of Giving is being built. We collaborate with the Community Circle to get feedback from our users and design experiences that make it easy for people to create, give, receive and trace.

The Platform Circle, while building high-quality products, proclaims success by encouraging its members to learn, grow, collaborate and celebrate achievement together. By building workflows that are inclusive, transparent and well-structured, we thereby build strong teams of talented and inspired contributors.


  • Develop Digital Public Goods that serve as open-source, efficient and free platforms that bridge Givers and project owners, harnessing the revolutionary funding opportunities of digital currencies.
  • Product Development and Maintenance that empowers contributors to research emerging technology and implement best practices to create robust, stable, secure and scalable platforms.
  • Improve User Experience, Usability and Accessibility of Blockchain Technology by engineering and continually creating intuitive interfaces and powerful user experiences to make donating easy, rewarding and effective.
  • Build DApps by and for the Community by implementing user feedback to create products that meet their needs and maintain a high level of transparency to support a network of value-aligned projects.