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Giveth Finances


Every donation and pledge made through Giveth is traceable and projects can be held accountable, unlike with traditional charities. You always know exactly where your donation went and can get a good sense of the impact it made through communication with your chosen beneficiary.

Giveth is both a non-profit organization and an open-source platform for transparent philanthropy in support of your favorite causes. You can support us in building the future of giving by donating to us through the Giveth DApps too! The easiest way is to give directly at For more specific funding of specific circle activities, log into via MetaMask, place and trace your donations, and join other Givers on the Giveth Funding Leaderboard.

If you prefer to donate directly to our address or via MyCrypto or MetaMask, you can send ETH or ERC20 tokens to the following address: revolution.eth (which resolves to: 0x8f951903c9360345b4e1b536c7f5ae8f88a64e79).

Operational Expenses Giveth related expenses can be claimed by creating a Trace in a Giveth Circle's Campaign at If you have not had an expense with Giveth before, you need to contact the team first.

The individual Circles (see Giveth Circles) are responsible for expenses of their members, including but not limited to:

  • Office expenses (rent, utility bills, equipment, groceries for Giveth Team Meetups)
  • Transportation to and from official Giveth Team Meetups
  • Suitable accommodation for the duration of official Giveth Team Meetups
  • Tickets to Represent Giveth at Conferences
  • Food and non-alcoholic drinks consumed while at official Giveth Team Meetups

By default, only expenses with valid receipt are covered. Expenses must be submitted via The refund will be made at earliest convenience for the requested token to recipient wallet provided.

Regular Rewards The members working full-time for Giveth are regularly compensated. Regular Reward requests and payments are managed by the Governance Circle following the approval process through Giveth's Reputation DAO (nrGIV token holders) every 4 weeks.

RewardDAO Special contributions to building the Future of Giving with us by participating in the Giveth Community on Discord, attending Giveth calls and completing tasks, and fulfilling special assignments may be rewarded via the RewardDAO Campaign. Simply create a TRACE describing what you did and come to a Governance call to represent yourself!