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The Givers PFP Collection

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“The Givers” NFT’s are not just NFT’s but integrated Giveth PFPs! Giveth's first PFP collection was a community proposed initiative begun in March 2022. The intention of the PFP collection is to raise funds for the Giveth DAO and continue our mission of building the Future of Giving. The Givers was launched for public minting on March 24, 2023 at 11am CST.

To mint a Giver head on over to the minting page!

Givers base image

About the Giveth DAO

For the past seven years, Giveth has focused on supporting public goods through a community-driven ecosystem of collective support and value creation. This has resulted in streamlined donation tools and mechanisms powered by blockchain technology, which have onboarded over 1,700 projects and has facilitated hundreds of thousands of donations.

We’re launching the Givers PFP collection as a fundraiser to allow us to continue improving our donation platform and build tools that empower non-profits and impact projects.

Supply & Minting

There will be a total of 1,250 NFTs in the collection, and no more than 100 of them will be used for promotional purposes by the DAO. Minting can be done on Ethereum Mainnet for 100 DAI each. To ensure an even distribution, no single address can hold more than 5 Givers PFPs.

Art parameters

Every art NFT is created out of several individual layers of artwork. In some cases some of the layered artwork may be unseen as they get covered by others above it, as for instance the art tattoos. You will however be able to see all of your unique art's traits and rarity on OpenSea or in the token's metadata.

Allow List

Anyone can get on the allowlist by donating 100 USDC/DAI/xDAI/wxDAI to The Giveth Community of Makers (P.S. You’ll also get $nice and GIVbacks for donating!). Giveth core contributors and select partners have been added as well to the whitelist. Allow list addresses are able to mint earlier than the rest and will receive a 30% discount off the price of minting during the early minting phase.

Allowlist eligibility began July 22nd, 2022. So if you have already made an eligible donation to Giveth, congrats! You’re already on the allowlist!

The minting phase for allowlist accounts begins 10am CST March 22, 2023 and ends 11am CST March 24, 2023. After the allow list phase, the minting phase will be open to the public.

Hidden Phase

At launch, all Giver PFPs will show a common art as the one shown above when minted, the final art is still hidden and needs to be revealed. Shortly after launch there is a “Reveal” event where the Giveth team unveils the final art for each unique PFP. You will be able to see your art on the Opensea Givers Collection page.

The characters and scenes represent the project and community values. You may also be able to recognize some of Giveth’s iconic elements in them.

Secondary Market

You can trade your Giver but keep in mind that for any trades on the secondary market, a 10% royalty fee will be imposed. All Givers (unless stated otherwise) are licensed under Creative Commons CC0 or "No Rights Reserved". The easiest way to trade is using the Opensea Collection Page.


Givers PFP owners will be able to have their NFTs integrated on their profile when logged in! We’ll also have additional cosmetic effects integrated into your user profile on the dApp. More details forthcoming on this.

Giveth is also partnering with Punk Domains to provide Givers NFT holders a discount on the Giveth domain names that will be launched along with the collection. Anyone will be able to purchase “yourname.giveth”, which will also be linked to your account. You can check out Giveth domain names here.

Contract Address

GiversPFP Contract (Mainnet): 0x78fde77737d5b9ab32fc718c9535c7f1b8ce84db

Mint a Givers PFP here:
View the Givers collection on Opensea here: Giveth Givers PFP