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Lead Solidity Developer

We are Hiring!#

We're inviting you to apply for a very important role with Giveth, because we require major support in this area to accomplish our goals!

The world is in a grand transition as more and more humans are recognizing that we must change how we interact with shared resources - what we call “Public Goods”. It's time to shift from systems that extract, pollute and waste and transition to regenerative, healthy and resilient systems.

Many are working to change through a myriad of non-profit, for-impact organizations, but too often comes down to having good sources of funding.

And this is where Giveth can help.

Giveth’s Mission#

Giveth is designed to be an interface between the prosocial value-driven collective-focused magic-makers, and the revolutionary funding streams that the crypto space (especially the Ethereum community) has opened up.

Crypto economic systems are creating value-based economies that can enable non-profits around the world to support themselves without personal sacrifice. And that is revolutionary!

These funding mechanisms give donors the confidence needed to collaborate with non-profits in achieving shared goals, including becoming self-sustainable while giving organizations that are caring for Public Goods the ability to cooperate with each other instead of competing for traditional funding. Giveth hopes to be the place where every organization that wants to support Public Goods is able to COOPERATE and COORDINATE in doing so.

This focus on cooperation between our allies is the only attitude that is required to join this organization. Otherwise we prefer to have a diversity of opinion and temperament styles. :-D

If you want to glimpse a piece of this vision… Our Founder Griff Green’s talk at ETHCC in 2019 is probably the best overview of it.

And if you'd like to check out our new Dapp we recently launched, please visit

This job offer is focused on the development and launch of a donor-owned token economy. We need support to accomplish our mission - we need solidity development.

Giveth’s Smart Contract Cred#

Giveth has a great reputation and a powerful legacy to uphold. Created in 2016 by the White Hat Group, rising like a phoenix out of the ashes of TheDAO. Most notably we created the Minime Token and Liquid Pledging, which have been adopted by many notable projects in the space.For instance, Aragon uses the Minime token for every Aragon DAO and Status used Liquid Pledging to build Assemble which they use for funding their projects In 2017, we rescued 210 million dollars from vulnerable parity multisigs at a Giveth all-hands meeting.

Who are we looking for?#

We are seeking an experienced Solidity Dev that has significantly contributed to the build and launch of a project. Ideally this developer would be familiar with Defi, DAOs and yield farming. We love passionate people and hope to call in someone excited about charitable nonprofit work who wants to help us Build the Future of Giving.

Further qualifications include understanding how to fork and adapting previously audited contracts from other projects to re-purpose them for our own use and a willingness to do other backend development work, not only Solidity, as we are a small collaborative team.

Tasks that need your help#

(90%) Collaborate on development and implementation of Giveth Smart Contracts

○ Work with project, product & dev team to execute agile project plans

○ Own Solidity development work - forking and adapting previously audited contracts from other projects for our own use

○ Sometimes owning sprint tasks that require other backend work beyond Solidity development

○ Participate in weekly Community Call (currently ~1 hour/week) & GIV Token Sprints (currently ~2 hours/week)

○ During calls, provide updates on the GitHub issues you are owning and request support from the team when necessary - always be clear about your bandwidth and priorities

○ Participate in 1 on 1 and small group hack sessions to accomplish specific tasks throughout the sprint so we can complete our goals by the end of sprints

○ Review completed issues, mark them as ‘Done’ once all acceptance criteria have been met

○ Cultivate relationships of trust with our team, allies and collaborators

(10%) Supporting the development of Giveth TRACE and the new applications

○ Use the Giveth DApps!

○ Test the new features before the features go live.

○ Give feedback to the team to help make the app more user friendly.

○ Be passionate, learn and share about Giveth, our projects and our allies too.

While we are open to a variety of backgrounds to accomplish these goals, we are calling for dedicated Solidity development professionals. Ideally, you are someone who is focused, dedicated, fluent in English, with a track record of successfully developing and launching crypto projects remotely.

We are dedicated to building systems that appreciate value creation in the care work and stewardship of Public Goods which is currently under appreciated. Giveth is the critical interface that allows the legacy world to connect to the blockchain revolution that can value this important work and make it regenerative.

How to Apply#

Do you want to join our international team of changemakers and help us get there? Please send your resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a cover letter telling us why you are a good fit to with the subject header “Giveth Solidity Developer.”

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