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The GIVfarm launched on December 24, 2021. 3.5% of the total token supply, 35 Million GIV, has been allocated to the first GIVfarm round of 6 months, 65 million tokens are held in a multisig for future liquidity provision. Farms are available on either Ethereum Mainnet (ETH) or xDai Network. Any farms you stake tokens into will yield GIV rewards and add to your GIVstream flowrate only for that corresponding chain. GIV reward distribution for the 6 pools available is as follows:

PoolTokens Allocated
GIV/ETH Uniswap v3 on Mainnet10 Million GIV
80GIV/20ETH Balancer on Mainnet2.5 Million GIV
GIV Staking on Mainnet2.5 Million GIV
GIV/HNY Honeyswap on xDai10 Million GIV
GIV/WETH Sushiswap on xDai2.5 Million GIV
GIVgardens Staking on xDai7.5 Million GIV

The amount claimable from rewards on the day of launch will be 10% with the other 90% allocated to flow out from the GIVstream. The GIVstream will flow for 5 years and as time passes, the greater the amount immediately claimable from rewards will be. As you earn rewards in the GIVfarm, you also increase the flow rate of your GIVstream.

Token Addresses

GIV Mainnet - 0x900db999074d9277c5da2a43f252d74366230da0 GIV xDai - 0x4f4F9b8D5B4d0Dc10506e5551B0513B61fD59e75

Staking Contract Addresses (Mainnet)

  • Balancer v2 80GIV/ETH Pool -0xc0dbDcA66a0636236fAbe1B3C16B1bD4C84bB1E1
  • Uniswap v3 50GIV/ETH Pool - 0x4B9EfAE862a1755F7CEcb021856D467E86976755
  • GIV Staking - 0x3115e5aAa3D6f742d09fbB649150dfE285a9c2A3

Staking Contract Addresses (xDai)

  • GIV Staking - 0xD93d3bDBa18ebcB3317a57119ea44ed2Cf41C2F2
  • GIV/HNY Honeyswap - 0x4B9EfAE862a1755F7CEcb021856D467E86976755
  • GIV/WETH SushiSwap - 0xfB429010C1e9D08B7347F968a7d88f0207807EF0

LP Token Addresses (Mainnet)

  • Balancer v2 - 0x7819f1532c49388106f7762328c51ee70edd134c
  • Uniswap v3 Pool - 0xc763b6b3d0f75167db95daa6a0a0d75dd467c4e1

LP Token Addresses (xDai)

  • GIV/HNY Honeyswap -0x08ea9f608656A4a775EF73f5B187a2F1AE2ae10e
  • GIV/WETH SushiSwap - 0x55FF0cef43F0DF88226E9D87D09fA036017F5586

GIVfarming the GIVgarden

The GIVeconomy implements a unique feature in it's GIV Staking pool on xDAI. When you stake tokens in this farm you are also wrapping those GIV in the GIVgarden. This means that while collecting rewards from the GIVfarm you also unlock voting power within the GIVgarden as long as you stay staked in this farm. Conversely, while wrapping GIV in the GIVgarden you are also staking tokens into the aforementioned GIV staking pool.

Weekly Distribution

Round 1 (26 weeks) weekly GIV rewards distribution percentages based on GIVfarm liqudity mining supply are as follows:

Week of Round% of Rewards# of GIV tokens
Week 17.75%2,712,500
Week 27.75%2,712,500
Week 36.00%2,100,000
Week 46.00%2,100,000
Week 54.75%1,662,500
Week 64.75%1,662,500
Week 73.75%1,312,500
Week 83.75%1,312,500
Week 93.25%1,137,500
Week 103.25%1,137,500
Week 113.00%1,050,000
Week 123.00%1,050,000
Week 133.00%1,050,000
Week 143.00%1,050,000
Week 153.25%1,137,500
Week 163.25%1,137,500
Week 173.50%1,225,000
Week 183.50%1,225,000
Week 193.75%1,312,500
Week 203.75%1,312,500
Week 213.25%1,137,500
Week 223.25%1,137,500
Week 232.75%962,500
Week 242.75%962,500
Week 252.00%700,000
Week 262.00%700,000

Further rounds may be launched after this period that could contain new pools and changes in distribution. All rewards from GIVfarm will be affected by the GIVstream. Read up on the GIVstream documentation for more information.


A Note on Uniswap v3 Farms:

Harvesting NFT rewards from Uni v3 collects rewards from all your NFTs staked (if you staked more than one). In this process each NFT is unstaked, rewards are harvested and your NFT is re-staked. If you have multiple NFTs this can become a gas intensive process.

When you Unstake your NFT you also harvest your rewards, If you have multiple NFTs staked when you Unstake one, you only harvest rewards from the single unstaked NFT.

You can learn more about Uniswap v3 Pools in this whitepaper