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What DAppened: April 21— May 5

· 3 min de lectura

Upholding our values of Transparency and Accountability by sharing recent development updates from this past sprint.

In this past sprint, we worked out the kinks on our rich text editor, allowing Makers to add photos, videos, numbered lists, font styles, headers and more to project descriptions and updates! This should be ready to go on this week. If you’re a project owner, be sure to log-on and update your description to get potential Givers even more excited about what you’ve been up to.

Rich Text Editor Embedded in Create-a-Project
Rich Text Editor Embedded in Create-a-Project

We also spent some time optimizing the presentation of our Dapp for Mobile, fixing some visual inconsistencies and improving overall usability. We improved upon our email notifications, ensuring that Givers and Makers receive confirmation when a donation is made.

We developed and implemented automated testing for the create-a-project flow and updated the testing guidelines in our documentation — two measures to ensure that new features work as intended.

We also addressed a few bugs: ensured that cancelled projects don’t show up in the projects list, fixed pricing, and rerouted external links for xDai donations to blockscout.

One of our all-star developers also surprised us this past sprint with a proof of concept: building using Next.js and Vercel instead of Gatsby and Netlify. Once we make sure all our functionality is bug-free, this change will drastically improve the UX. We’re talking faster site build, fewer issues on loading and updating, and an overall snappier site experience.

In the future, we’re going to be enhancing the UI so Makers will be able to upload photos via Unsplash when editing or creating a project. We are in the process of updating our Join, About, Contact and Support sections to the most recent info. We are also still working on the integration of an embedded chat bridged directly to our team, and project/profile verification using 3box or other.

Finally, the most exciting update to share is that we are working on giving the site a little makeover. We won’t give too much away, but here’s a little sneak peak of the new design:

Working on a New Look for
Working on a New Look for

We want to extend a huge thank you to our community for all your support so far! Since launching in March, has seen the following metrics:

Working on a New Look for
Site Metrics from

As always, we are committed to building the future of giving based on feedback from you, our community! Let us know what you’d like to see us work on in future sprints by trying out the DApp and sharing your thoughts in our Discord.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you at the end of the next sprint for more dev updates 😘

Many thanks to our amazing team for making all this possible: James, Mateo, Kay, Merlin, Danibelle, Willy, Griff, Marko, Mitch, Ashley, and Lauren!

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