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How to contribute to documentation

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Hello dear contributor!

It is very easy to contribute to our new Giveth documentation website. We use docusaurus v2, so you can also refer to their documentation, especially for advanced changes.

However - here are the simple ways to contribute:

Change something in a page

Editing a page;

Click on the Edit page link at the bottom of any entry.

Add an image

If your content needs an image, you should place it in this folder: static/img/content

For relative links you should also import the useBaseUrl hook from @docusaurus/useBaseUrl - place it immediately after your front matter.

import useBaseUrl from '@docusaurus/useBaseUrl'

Then you can import the image - i.e. the image I used above to demonstrate the look of the edit link:

alt="Editing a page"

Make a new page

In order for this to work nicely, please fork and clone from our main repository on github and make a pull request after you have made your changes.

Docusaurus will automatically create new pages from any added markdown (.md) files with the correct frontmatter (look at current pages to get an example).

So to create a new page, you should create a new markdown document, depending on the type of content.

  • User guides should be created in the guides folder
  • Developer documentation should be created in the docs folder
  • Updates, content that does not easily fit other categories, as well as longer entries should go into the blog folder

If you want the entry to show up in the respective sidebar you will need to add the title to the existing array:

  • sidebars.js for the docs section
  • sidebarsGuides.js for the guides section No newline at end of file