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The Future of Giving is Here

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We are very excited to announce the launch of Giveth at — a free, open-source donation application for community philanthropy featuring an all-new UI/UX.

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Giveth is known for being radically transparent, community-owned and community-driven. Our flagship DApp (live for 3 years at is now being rebranded as “Giveth TRACE”. Giveth TRACE offers a platform for peer-to-peer donations on the blockchain with detailed traceability for “Givers” and mutual aid projects. However, it does require some knowledge of Ethereum and wallet management.

With the new Giveth, project owners anywhere in the world can publish an online profile and start accepting donations within minutes.

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Screenshot taken from Giveth

Both Torus and MetaMask wallets are fully integrated into the DApp, meaning that a blockchain newbie can create a wallet with Torus by signing in via social media as easily as the crypto-savvy can sign in with their MetaMask browser extension. Torus integration also means that Giveth is compatible with mobile and a wide range of desktop browsers.

Once logged in, a “Maker” can follow the highly intuitive step-by-step project creation flow and begin raising funds in crypto right away with zero fees added by Giveth.

100% of every donation goes directly to the project. This way, together, we can make the world a better place.

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We have really made it easy for you to give to the regenerative projects you love! Anyone can become a Giver simply by clicking donate and connecting to their preferred wallet. New to crypto? No worries! Torus integration makes it possible for you to top-up your crypto wallet easily with fiat.

For all Givers, to save and track your donations you need only to sign in with Torus or MetaMask and all that you give will be visible in your account. Your generosity shall be forever immortalized transparently on the Ethereum blockchain!

Screenshot taken from Giveth

At Giveth we are committed to building the future of giving based on feedback from you, our community.

In the next months as we continue to hone the user experience and squash any bugs we encounter while on-boarding new projects, we want to hear what we can do better to make Giveth the best user-friendly DApp for peer-to-peer donations.

So head over to, try it out for yourself, and let us know what you think!

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