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Calling All Change-Makers!

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Are you passionate about changing the world for the better? We want to hear how you’re taking action to improve upon a social or environmental issue that speaks to you. Tell us how you’re making a difference. Share your story.

This is a call to action for all projects that are making a positive impact in the world! We would like to feature your stories on the Giveth social network and bring you into the Giveth ecosystem to help you achieve your goals. We believe in supporting each other to bring about global change as a collective. That’s why we are hard at work building the Future of Giving, connecting Givers to impact projects with a passion for global evolution.

Cat Donating on a Computer

In March of 2021 we launched the new Giveth Donation Application for fostering and facilitating donations to philanthropic projects on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s a free open-source platform for transparent peer-to-peer donations that aims to support innovators by building communities of donors around vital causes.

The goal of this campaign is to provide a space for altruistic developers and change-makers to talk about their passion projects, find guidance, and gain credibility and support with our dApp. So we want to hear from you! Share your perspective and tell us how you are creating change or helping to solve a problem.

Your Task?

  1. Go to and add your project
  2. Tell your story*
  3. Share your project and story on Twitter or Reddit using the hashtag #Giveth4Change**

*Describe the problem you’re working on, the difference you want to make, and why this matters. Your impact story can be told as a tweet thread, a short video, a blog post/article, a photo journal — feel free to get creative! Be sure to include the message you wish to share with others.

**Submissions must be made either on Twitter (tagging and #Giveth4Change) or under our subreddit (r/giveth with #Giveth4Change). Your submission must include your story and a link to your project on

Great Gatsby calling all change-makers

We will be shining the spotlight on submitted projects by sharing them in Medium blog posts, via Twitter, Discord, and blasting off your praises throughout our network. Don’t miss this opportunity to get involved and get noticed with #Giveth4Change.

Want to get more involved?

Help us Build the Future of Giving: 🦄 Donate directly 🦄 or buy a Ledger with our affiliate link