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How to Have a High Quality Project

In order to encourage creators to put in a bit more effort and to passively curate projects a 'Quality Score' system is implemented in the background of

There's a few tips we will outline here to guide you towards having a successful project on Giveth and to make sure your cause is receiving the greatest exposure possible on the DApp.

For every project created on Giveth it is assigned a 'Quality Score' which has a range of 0 to 100, 100 being the maximum quality. Projects with higher quality will appear higher on the list of projects featured on the site.

Top Projects on

The base quality given to a project upon creation is 40. If you write a description longer than 100 characters you will receive a further 10 to your score. If you upload an image to your project well that's a further whopping 30 points. Finally for every heart on your project its an additional 10 to a maximum of the 100. Once you've achieved the maximal 100 quality score any further hearts will still help you reach the top as by default the most hearted projects are sifted to the top after quality score.

Take the time to write a thorough, presentable, description, upload a good quality, relevant photo and share your project across your networks. If you follow these simple yet important steps it is assured your project will have exponentially greater potential on

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