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Getting your project on TRACE

Giveth TRACE has officially been deprecated. After 5 years of faithful service, Giveth and its platform, services and products have fully migrated to With the deprecation of the Rinkeby network and low user activity, the Giveth DAO decided to sunset its original dApp in Q3 of 2022. The code has and will forever be open-source, and you can find it in Giveth's Github repositories.

This documentation will remain available for historical reference.

This guide will show you how to make your project traceable. We will go over the steps for first getting your project verified then upgrading it into a Campaign on Giveth TRACE.

Verified is a top tier status for projects wishing to join the GIVbacks program and also for project creators looking to expand into a new suite of tools that provide their donors with extra ways to give. A project that is Verified can choose to become a Campaign on Giveth TRACE, enabling project creators to manage their donations transparently using Traces. Traces specify how the project is using their donations to achieve the goals of the overarching Campaigns.

Upgrading projects to Campaigns enables project creators to specify parts of their project requiring funding as different types of Traces. Donors benefit from being able to choose to fund either specific Traces or the overarching Campaign and are able to trace the flow of their donations. A Campaign is listed on both and Giveth TRACE allowing for double exposure!

The Process

We have a rigorous, human-handled process for screening projects asking for verification. Before getting started, here are some considerations you should make regarding your project:

  • Do you have any relevant and verifiable social media accounts?
  • How exactly will you use funds received?
  • In what ways can you prove that your project is real?
  • How is your project's organization structured?

Once you've sufficiently pondered the answers to these questions, then the road to verification lies ahead!

Step 1 - Click the Button!

Go to your project page on, and on the right-hand side click on Verify your project.

Clicking Verify Project

Step 2 - Fill out the Typeform

A typeform page will open up in your browser. Fill out the requested information as accurately as possible. Someone from the Giveth team will be reviewing and verifying this information!

Verification Typeform

Step 3 - Wait for Review

After you've submitted your application, a member of the Giveth Team will review your typeform submission. Hang tight while we verify the information you provided and reach a decision on approving your request.

Step 4 - Check Your Inbox

You'll receive an email letting you know if your request for verification has been approved or rejected. If you've been approved, follow the directions in the email to continue! If you've been rejected, follow any steps outlined in the email to improve your project and re-apply for verification.

Verification Approval Email

Step 5 - Complete the Migration Wizard

Once your project is verified, you can choose to add it to Giveth TRACE by following the instructions in your email, and entering the project migration wizard. This will handle the process of upgrading your Project to a Campaign. Sign-in with your Web3 wallet and connect to Rinkeby Network.

Confirm the information requested on each section of the Wizard, then sign the transaction with your wallet to create your Campaign!

Verification Wizard Tool

Step 6 - Magic!

Once you make it to the "Congratulations" page, you can click GO TO YOUR PROJECT to visit your new space! Get started by exploring Giveth TRACE's UI, and create some Traces to encourage more donations to your Campaign. To learn more about how Giveth TRACE works, read the DApp documentation.

Verification Approval Email

Enjoy your new Campaign, and let everyone in your social networks know about your upgraded funding portal!