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Agent Smith

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Gone are the days where you could work 30 years at a company, then get a fancy watch and a golden handshake into retirement. The industrial revolution of the early 1800โ€™s brought more people out of the country and into factories and workshops, attracted by better pay.

And while offices were growing in number back then, it wasnโ€™t until the 20th century that office culture became a mainstream phenomenon. Now with the arrival of the internet and, more recently, blockchain we are seeing another shift in the way people work.

At The Bounties Network and Giveth Social Coding we decided to collaborate on this topic. So we recently posed and posted a question about The Future of Work:

โ€œIf you love your employees let them go, to Thailand, to school, to a sabbatical where ever they might choose. The constraints placed on us today in the working economy are unreasonable and completely unconducive to personal growth, truth, happiness and workplace fulfilment.โ€

Today weโ€™re going to integrate some of the responses from that post to get a better idea of how the future of work may look like.

Location, Location, Location

The company of the future is no longer bound by company walls or even country borders for that matter. Employers are starting to understand that sourcing the best talent at the right price is more important than where they are located. Poster Jose Aguinaga highlights this about his international company:

In our company, we are roughly 15+ employees/designers all over the world. We have people from Mexico City to New Zealand, in Vancouver and Sofia. We started in Switzerland, and have embraced a decentralized workspace from day 1.

Many jobs these days only require a laptop and a good internet connection

The internet ushered in the digital economy and a huge percentage of job postings these days are looking for digital skills. The obvious benefit of this is that you can work remotely just about anywhere you have a computer and a decent internet connection.

Jose goes on to explain, however, that remote working is not for everybody. It requires discipline, flexibility, and a sense of responsibility that may not suit everyoneโ€™s personality. Some workers are just not cut out for that kind of independence. To be clear, many jobs still require us to be in the same space. But in the future, we will be able to solve many of the problems that come with trying to cram so many people into big cities.

Working in Tune with Your Own Rhythms

Letโ€™s expand on that a bit. As many of you will know, working a 9โ€“5 job in a major city can be a real headache. With worldwide populations continuing to grow, itโ€™s not unheard of to hear people spend 2โ€“3 hours every day commuting to work. But now many companies are starting to wake up to the fact that many tasks are not time-specific. Do you really need to be in the office at 9 to respond to client emails for an hour?

In addition, employees are not robots (most anyway) and do not function with on/off switches. Every worker is unique and possesses strengths and weaknesses. People produce their best work at various times of the day. User Brad highlighted this in his post with the following words:

It has been repeatedly shown that creative and intelligent minds are more likely to be night owls, and unlikely to stay tied down to one place for long periods of time.

Now whether or not that fits your profile is irrelevant. Some people love the early morning hours and take the afternoon off. Some work perfectly in the 9โ€“5 structure. Others, as Brad suggests, work well into the night when the peace and quiet provide plenty of opportunities to get work done.

To add to that, most workers would agree that one of the most important aspects of a job is a healthy working environment. Happy employees are productive workers. Poster Bount_Hunter highlights this well in his/her post:

If the person you want to do X job for you is happier to be doing it a 8pm -4 am in Malaysia vs 9โ€“5 in chicago their work will always be better. Weโ€™ve all worked jobs we HATE (iโ€™m currently doing that now) and you donโ€™t get the best work from people who are working jobs they donโ€™t like.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

It should come as no surprise then that decentralized organizations are springing up everywhere. And blockchain is pioneering this effort with projects dedicated to making that kind of a future a reality. Take Aragon for example, a project aimed at breaking down traditional borders and intermediaries.

In the modern world, much of the existing business value is captured by those at the top of the pyramid. Itโ€™s a little sad then that many of the people creating that value donโ€™t actually get rewarded for doing so. The workplace of tomorrow will flatten these management structures and allow the value to be distributed more evenly.

Take this very article for example. It was crowd-sourced and funded from contributors around the world using a decentralized application. What could be more empowering than allowing employees to have an active stake and say in the company and process from the get-go?

Closing Thoughts: The Future of Work

Itโ€™s sometimes hard to see a change in the future of work since weโ€™ve been following a centralized hierarchical office model for many years now. The only thing we can be certain of is change. Those that embrace it are usually the ones who reap the most rewards in the new economy.

Finally, to highlight the real-life change we are facing as work evolves, let me tell you a little about my own history. I am a South African who is dating a German who lives in the Netherlands. My mother is Italian and I work part-time for an American company. Borders are completely artificial constructions of man. The human spirit doesnโ€™t want to be tied down by the rules of a few men sitting in an office somewhere. The future of work is exciting. The future of work is decentralized.

Are you ready to join us in the distributed work space? Head on over to The Bounties Network and say hello. Or even better, take on a bounty for yourself. Weโ€™re not just looking for programmers and computer scientists. We need communication people, project managers, writers, graphic designers, cheerleaders and more!

Dig the concept of crowdsourcing content and/or decentralizing All The Things? Join us in the Social Coding chat) or discover more about the Giveth Galaxy right here!

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We asked you (our community) to dig deep into your hearts and minds, to give us your best version of the Giveth Manifesto. The results did not disappoint.

The value of community, of the people, stands out in virtually every submission. A case to that point is the enthusiasm and passionate co-creation we witnessed in and by our own tight-knit Giveth Community, which honestly floored, wawed and awed us. To celebrate this, we are not only giving away eth to our top 3 winners (excluding jury members), we will also dish out (comm) Points to each and every submission.

We are so proud and honored to present every one of the entries here for all to see, but first things first a ๐ŸŽŠMAJOR CONGRATULATIONS๐ŸŽŠ to our winners!

Choosing the winners was not an easy process due to the fact that every entry had gems of wisdom, sparks of insight and heartfelt candor.

These contributions are the germination of a longer process in the coming weeks. As you might already know, transparency, accountability and especially open-source are key words in our vocabulary. So, practising what we preach we will take the very best from each of these entries and use it to create a crowd-sourced manifesto. And now without further ado:

๐ŸŒŒ Galactic award goes to:โ€‹

We are a Community

What we are doing is not about the technology. Most of us are very, very tech-minded and geeky people, and we love tech, but that is not what it is about or why we are here. It is about the people, the human connectionโ€ฆcontinue reading

~Kris Decoodt

๐Ÿš€ Solar System award goes to:โ€‹

Giveth is a community focused on using blockchain technology to make the world a better place.

Making the world a better place is a very broad mission, narrowing the scope would be a requirement for a normal organization but Giveth is not an organization it is a COMMUNITY. As long as the group of people that are working on a project that they believe can use blockchain to make the world a better place, they are a part of Giveth, if they choose to beโ€ฆcontinue reading

~Griff Green

๐Ÿ’ซ Star award + 1 ETH goes to:โ€‹

At some point in our lives, almost every one of us experiences an earnest desire to make a real difference in the world. Some of us dream of traveling to far off places and delivering cold, clean drinking water to those who are thirsty. Some imagine providing housing for the ever-growing homeless and refugee populations worldwide. Others picture themselves developing a small plot of land for inner-city children to learn about gardening. Whether global or local, big or small, many of us truly want to help othersโ€ฆcontinue reading

~Joshua Du Chene

๐ŸŒš Moon award + 0.4 ETH goes to:โ€‹

The life of the Giveth Unicorn
Giveth Unicorns may come and go. But the role of a Unicorn remains the same.

Each Unicorn cares about at least some aspects of Giveth and strives to help Giveth and its communities achieve and maintain their goals and values.

An altruistic Unicorn does their work in the spirit of collaboration, bringing their skills to bear on the worthwhile goals of Giveth and itโ€™s communities, often without the expectation of rewardโ€ฆcontinue reading

~Matt Stabeler

โ˜„๏ธ Asteroid award + 0.2 ETH goes to:โ€‹

The Giveth Manifesto is a statement of principles, of purpose and of determination.

We are determined to accomplish our purpose to make a better world through decentralization, technology and the power of communities.

We believe communities are evolving organizations (call them flocks, swarms, galaxies or as you may) that are flexible, stronger than the individual and built by such individuals in order to accomplish a purposeโ€ฆcontinue reading

~Pol Bordas

Time to celebrate, collect your ETH and do a little dance ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿฝ because all of you are DAC super heroes for giving your time, words and unique perspectives. For reasons of objectivity our benevolent Giveth judges agreed collectively to not accept any prizes for their entries, so the ETH awards have simply moved down to the next highest voted entry.

Below are all 21 amazing entries as promised:โ€‹

What does Giveth stand for? What are some of the crazy things we believe in? After working with the team for +7 months now (which is years in blockchain time) these are some of the thoughts that come to mindโ€ฆ

We are a Communityโ€‹

What we are doing is not about the technology. Most of us are very, very tech-minded and geeky people, and we love tech, but that is not what it is about or why we are here. It is about the people, the human connection.

We live in a world that has never been more connected, but never have we felt more isolated, never have our individualistic traits and our ego been more nurtured (think social media, for one) than today. But has it made us happier? Definitely not. Even worse, it has made us retreat into ourselves, giving less, both emotionally as well as financially. Giveth wants to turn the tide, bring back the connection by building/buidling and making the World a Better Place.

We are not an organization, not a DAO, we strive to be more, we are a Decentralized Altruistic Community (a DAC). Communities are based on shared values and this is what corporations and organizations lack. They do pretend to have core values, but these are outward facing, top-down and are used for branding purposes. Our values are bottom-up, crowdsourced and are the higher good that connects us.

We are a community of individuals and we celebrate and respect each and everyoneโ€™s uniqueness.

We dare to be Vulnerableโ€‹

Our main value, our essence lies in vulnerability. Most of the people at Giveth, and even in the wider โ€˜Makerโ€™ blockchain space (=the opposite of daytrader land) are here because they know what ego and image brings to the world. They are professionals who have lived the corporate life and knew something was โ€˜offโ€™. Hierarchy and image boosting bring pain, misunderstanding and most of all a huge waste of time and loads of inefficiency.

When you dare to be vulnerable - even fragile, open and true - you can make lasting changes, because itโ€™s the only way to truly connect with another human being. And together, when you connect, you always achieve more.

Another crucial reason to open up is because โ€˜the systemโ€™ has trained us to be numb by providing us with all possible tools (binge-watching, medication, social media, shopping, โ€ฆ the list is endless). We have been trained to care less, to be less conscious of suffering and injustice, during a time where we are actually hyper-connected and thus can be hyper-informed. Knowledge brings power: sharing your thoughts, ideas and feelings can change the world. We just have to express our outrage and team up, because right now, as individuals, together, we actually have a bigger impact than ever before in the history of mankind.

(Please watch THIS if you never have before)

We are Inclusiveโ€‹

Everyone is welcome, we are huggers. We believe everyone has talents, has skills and can contribute to Making the World a Better Place. If you see a need in our community you should come over and get it done (see โ€˜We are Makersโ€™). But even if you just want to lurk around, you should, even just you being there inspires us and we hope to inspire you.

We believe in equal rights, even more, this is a given, this is no topic of discussion. No matter what gender, race, religion or political philosophy you adhere to: you are welcome, and you will be loved. Because giveth is all about community.

We advocate Abundanceโ€‹

When there is abundance people shine. Abundance is the opposite of fear and scarcity, the things that make people become protective and close-minded. We want to give people the chance to develop themselves. We want to be a spark of light, a pulsing star in this galaxy, an inspiration to others, an energy that rubs off.

Only if we harness this internal energy we will be able to make real and lasting change in this world. When there is abundance people thrive and are able to not only show off their skills but their talents. The difference between skills and talents is that you no longer only do what you are good at, you do what brings happiness into your life and you bring this into the lives of others.

We are striving to be fully Decentralizedโ€‹

Money is not evil. Neither are people. But centralized power is. We are all equal with our differences. Blockchain technology, which is by its nature decentralized, is a driving force that builds and inspires our language. Language brings Culture and Culture will bring lasting change, an entirely different way to approach tensions, a new angle to think about โ€˜issuesโ€™.

We are about the people. But we are not about just one person or a few stars, we are a Galaxy and all of us should burn brightly.

We are Humbleโ€‹

You cannot be decentralized and part of a Community if you do not let go of your ego. We donโ€™t boast. We are not interested in your words but in what you do. We let our work speak for itself and will celebrate the individuals, but most of all the community that makes dreams a reality.

We like to have fun but we celebrate balance and modesty. When it comes to spending, we are transparent and accountable because it makes things easier and just, wellโ€ฆ more honest.

We are Transparentโ€‹

Sharing is caring. We have nothing to hide. We are fully transparent, we practise what we preach, we are open-source.

We communicate as much as possible, also between us, we do not hold back. We convey our tensions and our desired outcomes, but always try to do this in a very respectful way.

We are Makersโ€‹

When we see something needs to be done, we do it. As Swarm City would say, โ€œthe person who spots a problem is likely the most suited to solve it, because it is their brain that is attuned to seeing the gap between what is now, and what might be.โ€ We donโ€™t endlessly discuss things, this is just negative energy.

Do not underestimate us. Our values might sound โ€˜out thereโ€™, idealistic or naive. But we are not. We underpromise and overdeliver. We are professionals, with lots of experience. We are engineers, developers, professional marketeers, business owners, โ€ฆ and we are here to stay.

~Kris Decoodt


Giveth is constantly evolving and so should this document, in no way should we expect any document to totally encompass what it is to be a part of the Giveth community. The purpose of this document is to give people some understanding of the values shared by the members of the Giveth community, but if this document in some way limits the imagination of Giveth Community Members, it should be thrown away!

Giveth is a community focused on using blockchain technology to make the world a better place.

Making the world a better place is a very broad mission, narrowing the scope would be a requirement for a normal organization but Giveth is not an organization it is a COMMUNITY. As long as the group of people that are working on a project that they believe can use blockchain to make the world a better place, they are a part of Giveth, if they choose to be.

Giveth is radically inclusive and trusts each individual and group to practice self-reliance and self-management leaning towards collaboration whenever possible.

Giveth supports human connection within its community even when classically certain actions/conversations maybe โ€œunprofessional.โ€ Especially in the name of FUN! Authenticity, vulnerability, candor, wholeness, and silliness are encouraged as long as they are building trust and stronger relationships.

Giveth believes altruistic people can be rewarded for their good work and strives to find ways to make that feel easy and natural. People are more important than profits.

Blockchain technology:

  • Aligns incentives around a collaborative consensus and shared values
  • Is radically inclusive
  • Rewards radical participation, โ€œDo-ocracyโ€ and innovation
  • Maintains a global perspective
  • Is at its best when decentralized
  • Can not be used coercively
  • Spreads via network effect
  • Balances Privacy with Transparency

Giveth aspires to model itself after these incredible attributes of Blockchain tech.

Givethers have the right to their pseudonymity but everything done under Givethโ€™s name is as transparent as possible, as replicable as possible, as accountable as possible and invitingly open source.

Every Givether is a hero, a role model, living in service, while still embracing their own wants and needs. We courageously and humbly lead by example, knowing we have a lot to learn.

Giveth is about experimentation and innovation. There is no right or wrong way to solve the issues in our world, we know this, and ask for help and advise, while still pushing a NOW! attitude with integrity and gratitude for the opportunity to change the world.

~Griff Green


โ€œAt some point in our lives, almost every one of us experiences an earnest desire to make a real difference in the world. Some of us dream of traveling to far off places and delivering cold, clean drinking water to those who are thirsty. Some imagine providing housing for the ever-growing homeless and refugee populations worldwide. Others picture themselves developing a small plot of land for inner-city children to learn about gardening. Whether global or local, big or small, many of us truly want to help others.

But how do we actually help? How do we go about making a real impact?

If we have money available to donate to people in need, we soon discover the seemingly infinite layers of vampiric bureaucracy between our donations and the intended recipients, massively decreasing our intended impact.

If we have plentiful time to donate through traditional volunteer opportunities, weโ€™re soon disillusioned by the major inefficiencies, lack of training and organization, misallocation of resources, and other issues that exist within hierarchically managed systems.

If we have willpower and like-minded individuals and we decide to initiate our own causes, we quickly encounter regulatory roadblocks and resistance from archaic systems of centralized power, diverting our focus away from doing good and toward filling out paperwork and paying fees, if weโ€™re allowed to proceed at all.

We exhaust ourselves trying to do good through traditional channels, and the question still remains: how do we actually help? How do we go about making a real impact?

When the systems available to us are inherently flawed, we stop relying upon those systems to achieve our goals. With tools and technologies hitherto nonexistent, we instead build a new platform for giving for the future.

The desire to make the world a better place hasnโ€™t changed, but the tools available to do so have. At the intersection of this drive to do good and the opportunities opened up to us through blockchain technology and decentralized governance, youโ€™ll find a group of individuals known as Unicorns. These Unicorns are all a part of a growing, global community dedicated to changing the way we give. This decentralized altruistic community is known as Giveth.

Like the Unicorns who make up Giveth, Giveth is diverse and ever-growing.

  • Giveth is both a culture and a manifestation of intent.
  • Giveth is an expression of love and the result of action and hard work.
  • Giveth is a transparent proof of decentralized governance in action.
  • Giveth is an amalgamation of altruism and the adjacent possible.
  • Giveth is a global community and a gift to the world.
  • Giveth is open, welcoming, and ready to support you in making the world a better place.

If you have money available to donate to people in need, you can watch its transmittance across the world on an open ledger to assure it actually gets to those who need it. With the tools and technologies available to us, thereโ€™s no more bureaucracy to siphon off funds along the way to the recipients. Giveth doesnโ€™t even take a cut โ€” it doesnโ€™t need to โ€” itโ€™s funded through the same process as the project you just donated to.

If you have plentiful time to donate through traditional volunteer opportunities, youโ€™ll find the Giveth platform maximizes the efficiency and impact of the work you do with clearly defined milestones and the minimal number of actors needed to accomplish the goal. Transparency and accountability are built in, so your work is both noticed and supported by your fellow Unicorns as well as the donors themselves.

If you have willpower and like-minded individuals and you decide to initiate your own causes, youโ€™ll discover an easy-to-use toolset that enables you to create a project with the same ease as creating a blog post. Youโ€™ll immediately be able to start receiving donations and create clear steps to achieving your ultimate outcome with no red-tape or fees of any kind.

The best part about Giveth is that anybody can join the community and contribute to making the world a better place. If youโ€™re a human being living on planet Earth and you want to do good, we are your people, and this is your opportunity to make a real impact. Make your mark and add your name to the growing community of Unicorns from around the world by joining us on this magnificent journey to building the future of giving!

With A Love That Echoes Throughout The Galaxy

~Joshua Du Chene


The life of the Giveth Unicorn

Giveth Unicorns may come and go. But the role of a Unicorn remains the same.

Each Unicorn cares about at least some aspects of Giveth and strives to help Giveth and itโ€™s communities achieve and maintain their goals and values.

An altruistic Unicorn does their work in the spirit of collaboration, bringing their skills to bear on the worthwhile goals of Giveth and itโ€™s communities, often without the expectation of reward.

Unicorns may be rewarded in many ways, and fairly depending upon their contribution.

Giveth Values
Giveth does not knowingly do any harm.

Nobody owns Giveth, it is an entity born out of the spirit of kindness into the world of technology through the hard work of Giveth Unicorns, for the benefit of those who need it.

Giveth is here to make the world a better place.
Giveth enables charities and charitable organisations to do good work better.
We collaborate to make the goals of Giveth happen, and to uphold the Giveth values.
Giveth values transparency, and does not hide from the world.
Giveth evolves to achieve itโ€™s goals and maintain itโ€™s values.
Giveth favors altruism over profit.

Why are we here?
Giveth uses the power of technology, to help bad things be be less bad, strives for good things to happen and enables good people to do good things.

Giveth people want to make positive changes to this world, in a transparent way, so that everyone can benefit, and anyone can make sure things have been done right.

~ Matt Stabeler


The Giveth Manifesto is a statement of principles, of purpose and of determination.

We are determined to accomplish our purpose to make a better world through decentralization, technology and the power of communities.

We believe communities are evolving organizations (call them flocks, swarms, galaxies or as you may) that are flexible, stronger than the individual and built by such individuals in order to accomplish a purpose.

We believe the Giveth Unicorns, the members of the Giveth Galaxy, are people and not cogs in a machine, that find resonance between Givethโ€™s purpose and their own purpose. Our Galaxy is universal and radically inclusive and able to accommodate everyone that wants to contribute to its goal. We experiment with Governance to unleash everyoneโ€™s potential and ability to play a part.

We believe in openness, transparency and accountability: we apply these concepts internally and work towards facilitating other communities externally thanks to our outputs by the DApp Development Circle, as well as contributing to other projects guided by the same principles through our Social Coding Circle.

We believe blockchain technology is a powerful tool to design systems that incentivize the creation of communities that transcend the chain -or Decentralized Altruistic Communities- where all stakeholders, including but not limited to Makers, Donors and recipients, can be upfront about their needs and expectations in an environment of trust and collaboration. We believe we can help build these systems and transform how the non-profit sector has traditionally worked.

We want to make a better future by building the tools for any community to push their vision of a better, decentralized world.

We are determined to succeed. We are the Giveth Unicorns. We and you. A better future for all.

~Pol Bordas


We, the people of Giveth,
regard human dignity as inviolable and personal freedom as the highest value in human society,
decide through rough consensus and running code,
work on software solutions that empower the individual through decentralized validation,
play through daring experiments,
apply original thinking,
open our hearts to share love as a human experience.



Humanity vs. The Problems of the World

Why do we have the problems we do, like global warming, homelessness, and environmental destruction?

Itโ€™s not because we lack the capacity to fix it. For any problem, thereโ€™s an array of experts who have a plan of action to tackle it.

Itโ€™s not because we lack the capital. Thereโ€™s more money in the world than ever before.

What we lack is an effective system for organizing and incentivizing people to tackle the problems that are not profitable to solve.

Giveth is that system โ€” a platform for unleashing the human spirit to conquer the problems of our world. Giveth enables those who want to do good in the world to trustlessly collaborate with those who want to fund that work. Funds are paid only when the work happens. All actions are transparently recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. Giveth is the lightest possible framework for allowing strangers to effect change together.

The Giveth Unicorns are the group of people building Giveth. We have different backgrounds, skill sets, and countries of residence; but weโ€™re united by a shared vision:

We believe that every human being should be able to get funding to make the world a better place.

We believe that every human being should be able to transparently see their funds create good in the world.

We believe that our problems are too large for any individual to solve, and so we need the power of communities.

We believe that transparency is the key to staying focused on the work at hand.

We believe a better world is possible if we effectively unite the minds, funds, and time of everyone who cares about the same issues.

Are you one of those magical creatures โ€” a Unicorn โ€” who believes our problems are solvable through collaboration, aligned incentives, and a little ETH? Giveth will be better with your contributions. Come create Giveth with us.



Giveth is a decentralized community of collaborators around the cause of making the world a better place. We are the Giveth Galaxy that empowers communities to achieve their mission. Givethโ€™s actions are guided by following principles:

Radical Openness and Transparency:

Any project, git repository, presentation or document that has been made within Giveth shall be publicly accessible and usable. We pledge to share these transparently in an organized fashion and provide all necessary guidance. In this sense we identify ourselves with the GNU principles.


To Giveth there is only one race -the human race-, no sex, no religion, no disability nor political affiliation. Everyone is welcome and we encourage you to share your view and enrich our community.


We are financed through unconditional donations that will be used to build, support, evolve and maintain our products, contributors and community. As a group of individuals we pledge to be neutral and any affiliation or promotion of other projects, political parties or movements shall be discussed and agreed by the majority of our community through our internal governance organs. Any such decision shall be publicly shared and be accessible as long as Giveth exists. You can not buy Giveth.


We see Giveth as a gift to humanity. As such we are accountable to our donors, contributors and the whole of humanity that we will do our best to build Giveth with the resources given and according to our abilities. We assume the responsibility of accounting for our actions as a movement.

Voice of changeโ€‹

We are not blind nor silent. When we witness acts of violence, bullying or oppression we may speak out publicly as individuals or as a group. Any such action is not welcome in our own community and will be dealt with.

~Vojtฤ›ch ล imetka


What Means to Me

Giveth is a very special altruistic offering of distributed software and grouping of rare unicorns. At its core Giveth enables communities to form around the causes that matter to them the most. On a personal level Giveth is the reason I shifted my vision from only seeing fungible stores of value loosely referred to as โ€˜cryptoโ€™ and decided to dedicate my corporeal energy to enabling trust within this space. A bit about me is in order first however.

I came to โ€˜cryptoโ€™ not as a newbie but someone who was well versed in utilizing cryptographic hashes and technology within daily operations. My first introduction to personal computers came in 1986 when my family moved to Houston TX, and I would play games like โ€˜Wheel of Fortuneโ€™ , โ€˜Ninja Gaidenโ€™, and โ€˜SpiderManโ€™ on our IBM 8086. My first tech job came at the age of 17 where I taught children QBASIC, html, and audio processing at the โ€˜American Computer Experienceโ€™ summer camps. Fast forward to 2009 and my technolust was immediately sparked by this thing I caught wind of called Bitcoin. I had no position in the market other than watching the price of BTC go from near nothing to over $10 USD/BTC.

In August of 2017 life dealt me two perspective altering situations within a week: Hurricane Harvey and losing my job as a Corporate Security Analyst of 5 years. The loss of my position was heartbreaking but being surrounded by constant destruction brought on by an โ€œ800 year floodโ€ kept me sane and sober. By December life had begun to return back to normal for most of us Houstonianโ€™s, however something incredible was taking place with the price of Bitcoin: it was over $10,000/BTC!

The dramatic increase of volume plus pricing momentum within Bitcoin caused me to study value theory and seriously contemplate just wtf was going on. Whether it was serendipity, fate, or just plain dumb luck I discovered Giveth via a youtube presentation from Griff Green at the Ethereum Community Conference 2018. At this point all of my attention shifted studying pricing and volatility to determining how to best distribute trust.

Giveth will play a key role in enabling communities to distribute trust via decentralized governance. At a high level, Giveth can be viewed as software that enables communities to form causes and promote those causes via group determined milestones. Individuals who are part of a given community can spawn their own milestones, and via pledging of ETH to those milestones prioritize what is and is not important for that community with 100% transparency. Additionally those who give within this structure can be notified when their milestone is reached as well as delegate authority of their contribution to others within their community.

Giveth is not an ICO, a corporation, or a monolithic organization that promises to render aid while capturing the majority of users contributions in times of need (most charities). Giveth is an opportunity to do better by humanity via distributed trust within systems of decentralized governance that *anyone* can run.





Why Giveth?

We believe in the power of communities to solve problems.

We believe in decentralized technology to unleash the creativity and energy of altruistic communities.

Giving is a humanitarian act of solidarity and empathy โ€” we believe in the fundamental rights and dignity of every human being.

We are doing nothing less than reinventing giving!


We build a platform for trust and transparency in giving.

Decentralized altruistic communities promote social innovation and create opportunities for people.

This platform is in strong contrast to the systems currently in place: bureaucratic, inflexible, centralized, with a lot of overhead


We are enthusiastic and passionate โ€” we do a hell of a lot of amazing stuff.

We are a community โ€” open, transparent, cooperative, companionable and focused to deliver.

We are an active part of the Ethereum eco-system and contribute to the development of Ethereum.

~Ron Mat


โ€œYou canโ€™t go around building a better world for people. Only people can build a better world. Otherwise itโ€™s just a cage.โ€ โ€” Terry Pratchett

If you want to understand what Giveth values are and what it means to be a Unicorn and to be part of the Giveth community, you has to understand that the simple goal of all Unicorns in the Giveth galaxy, all around the world is, to make the world a better place.

This starts with the fact that Giveth trusts in people, real, actual people.

Let me explain why this is an amazing, outstanding fact in 2018. We spend the last years and maybe generation with the trust in the big systems and cooperations. The (centralized) banking system, centralized political systems with so called โ€œrepresentatives of the peopleโ€ who rule countries and do not even know any longer what is going on in a country, the idea that the fact that we are allowed to go to vote every 4 (or 5 years) is all it needs for a democracy to work. We trusted in this centralized systems to rule the world and sort out our human problems. What we end up with was a banking crisis, plastic rubbish all over the planet, a so called refugee crisis and more and more the distrust in systems. We trust in charity organizations all over the world to sort out what we humans fucked up in the past and wonder in the end that we do not know what happened with the donations that we made. We trusted in system for a long time, until we realized that this systems are not working out the way we wanted. We realized that no one will sort out all the rubbish in the oceans and at the beaches if we do not start doing it ourselves, more and more people realize that we need to take our power as citizens back to actually have a say in a democracy, we start to realize that it makes sense to have a reliable person we can trust instead of a bank. We start to realize that centralized systems do not work out the way we though. Decentralization and the trust in people, actually people are two of the main values of Giveth. All these people, all over the world, who contribute their love and time, their work and ideas into Giveth are Unicorns. People with ideas who want to be part of the movement to change the world and make it a better place are Unicorns.

Giveth wants to give power back to people while decentralizing systems. One of Giveths goals and values is to make a donation system transparent, complete and absolute. We want to make donations transparent, direct and reliable. And even if Giveth is a charity organization, we are not just talking about donations. We are talking about the structure of governance within the organization, about reliable, accountable people within the Giveth galaxy, about the fact that everyone and anyone can actively participate in the platform, the organization and the idea of Giveth. The future of giving is not just giving ether to a cause that needs support. Giving can of course be monetary but can also be work force, bodys, love, time, minds and ideas for the greater good.

A lot of people already volunteer for a good cause, give time and love to a project or an idea. Giveth is on the way to build a platform that allows any one of us to make a real change in our community, our neighborhood. I will be able to put up a cause that is important in my direct neighborhood and will make a change and a direct impact in my community โ€” and you can too. Because, you not what? No one knows better whatโ€™s going on in your neighborhood than you. Why should anyone donate money to a big, intransparent organization that pays CEOโ€™s instead of directly to your cause? Your community wants to teach kids how to code, you want to feed the homeless people, you want to gather a couple of people and pick up all the rubbish at your local beach/town/park? Cool, put up a cause on the Giveth platform and start to do so. Giveth believes and trusts in people and in you. This is the highest value any organization can have: the trust in people.

Shaping the future needs more than just a couple of people, it needs all of us, the human community. So we are calling everyone, to become a Unicorn and join us in the movement to #maketheworldabtterplace.

~ jen Giveth


โ€œIt was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other wayโ€

โ€“ in short the Unicorns were getting easier and easier to spot as they were coming together to reinvent the most fundamental thing there is.

Giveth is reinventing what it means to be human.

Humans are not the only life form which create but we have made it our ultimate evolutionary skill. To create is to give and vice versa. Giving is the most primal expression of creating, the most basic level. To voluntarily give something that is yours ( mind, body, propertyโ€ฆ) by leaving your ownership it becomes something for somebody else. In other words : something changed, transformed, got created.

So giving, Whatโ€™s so special about that? Everybody does it in one way or another. But the giving the Unicorns are talking about is voluntarily or coercion-free! This means no one can force you in any way. Nor are there gatekeepers who have the power to interfere in the process of you giving. The Giveth Unicorns credo is very clear :

โ€ข Donating can be simple, fun and effective.

โ€ข Transparency and accountability can be the default.

โ€ข Every idea has the potential to make a positive impact, and it can be heard and funded in a decentralized fashion.

โ€ข Every Donor can have the ultimate say over how their donation is used.

โ€ข People that want to do good work for their cause can be rewarded for their actions.

โ€ข Real change and innovation comes about when communities join together to make the world a better place.

Unicorns have always been elusive creatures but now the stars in the Giveth Galaxy have aligned and they are popping up everywhere. Everywhere people are noticing what is being built, being reinvented and want to contribute. The moment you give your time, your energy, your love to this community and project, and help in some way in its existence, a new Unicorn is born.

Permissionless creation will make us unstoppable. It gives hope for the future and the confidence that there will always be people who act for the good of others and that they will succeed.



There are restrictive walls that contain possibility. Inside these walls passion and motivation are strangled by bureaucracy, limitations, and unrelated political tethers. Giveth breaks down these walls and exposes possibility to the wide open expanse contained only by the one natural restriction, capacity. Giveth is where possibility meets capacity, where, passion and motivation are free to flourish and where only nature itself can restrain us.

Those with the passion to change the world sit on one side of a vast and long continent, on the other side are those who want to help them and have the resources to make their vision possible. Giveth is a canal right through the middle of that continent, removing the need to go all the way around and convincing more and more people on both sides to make the journey from the world we live in to the world we believe in.

  • Giveth is a decentralized platform that facilitates better giving and better receiving, contributing to creating a better world
  • Giveth creates increased transparency and allows results based giving for individual donors, in turn inspiring creation of more and more givers and more and more change makers
  • Giveth believes in connecting change makers with those who want to support their mission, allowing them to avoid the mission creep that comes with chasing semi-related funding
  • Giveth believes in decentralized, democratic, liquid control of donor funds
  • Giveth believes in maximizing each gifts potential, utilizing blockchain technology to decrease administrative cost requirements
  • Giveth believes in giving change makers the funds and trust they need to make the change they want to see a reality

~Parker Williams


Unicorns, previously thought of as being as elusive as they are mysterious and wondrous are in actuality easier to see than one would think and you even possess what it takes to be one. With transparency at the height of their values, however, they are just as easily looked past as they are open with their ability to share and positively impact their world. Hiding in the plain sight of the blockchain forests, these Unicorns believe in a simplicity that allow the moving parts of the world they believe in to glide seamlessly together without the need of a centralized force to guide them. They hope to give the power over sharing and donation out to the very people participating in order to stimulate a positive change of attitude and integrity for the Decentralized Altruistic Communities that they are a part of. By using this value system based on participation, innovation, transparency, and accountability the Giveth Unicorns hope to use smart contracts to put donors in charge of how their funds are used, they hope to allow that direct relationship to create a rewarding system for all who are involved so that positivity is felt at the very core of each donation. Giveth Unicorns know that sharing should feel good and that goodness has the ability to shift attitudes of the world for the better, for a more common force toward one another acting accountable and responsible for what they are putting out into the place weโ€™re all a part of.

~Zak Perna


Dear Galaxy,

If youโ€™re reading this weโ€™ve done it, all the work the Unicorn troopers fought for was not in vain.

The mission we set out to accomplish was clear:

Create a trustless system of self governing bodies, capable of uniting around causes they choose to support.

Build a platform that fosters experimentation, collaboration and open source initiatives.

Awaken the Giver within all the citizen of this Galaxy and beyond, by showing them how and where their contributions make a difference.

The Centralization forces were determined to keep the Galaxy under their control, well we couldnโ€™t let that happen, not for our sake and the sake of generations to come.

To accomplish our mission we had to do something greater than simply unseating the unjust forces.

We had to show them a better way!

The way of the Unicorn.

We started a battle that will never end, the fight for truth, justice and transparency between citizens and powers is one that must live on forever.

Itโ€™s up to you to keep this fight alive all throughout your Galaxy, to inspire, incite and expose the truth for all to see.

This was the cause we chose to fight for, the one we believed mattered most to our generation.

Now itโ€™s your turn to decide, what will you fight for?

Weโ€™ve given you the tools to sculpt your future, to build your community and free yourselves.

Use them wisely and never, EVERโ€ฆโ€ฆ Forget!

The way of the Unicorn ( อกo อœส– อกo)

~Yalor Tackson


Giveth is a global community focused on improving the world through blockchain technology.

Trustless systems like a distributed ledger allow us to eliminate the middle man, cut down costs and provide transparency and accountability. Our mission at Giveth is to bring this new reality to the world of charitable giving.

Although we recognize the important work performed by NGOs and philantropic institutions around the world, we believe that with blockchain technology we can improve and streamline this process by finally connecting the donor directly to the recipient through on-chain transactions.

This allows for a new level of engagement between givers and makers, between communities and sponsors between the developed and developing worlds.

Giveth is a community of communities. We are building a platform that provides the tools for individuals to get together, organize and fund their own projects.

We value honesty, transparency, freedom and accountability. We believe in the power of people to self-govern for the interest of the community.

Giveth is open to all individuals and communities who wish to build a better future together. Will you join us?

~Alan Borger


To help facilitate a greater understanding of emergent technologies

To show the world the power of blockchain and smart contracts to make huge improvements in more than just charitable donations

To help foster new coders into this new ecosystem

To demonstrate the importance of transparency in giving by using our own technology to drive the creation and improvement of our own systems

To remain ever vigilant for problems or threats to the system (both Giveth and the greater Ethereum community), vis-a-vis scammers, bugs or ongoing hacks

Something something Batman costume?

~Bowen Sanders


Urban dictionary explains a unicorn as: The rare creature who is able to give you the thing you always wanted but thought you you could never have.

I feel that is at of the heart of Giveth. So many people from all over the globe are coming together to build a tool that will change the future in ways we thought we could never could; creating impact that was impossible not long ago.

We see past borders, languages and currencies and are building a new way of helping each other without any of these traditional obstacles.

Giveth is for the do-er, the dreamer who desires to see their dream as reality, the heroes, and everyone out there who has a different expression of love.



From an aid perspective:

Transparency: A completely transparent process!

-The ability to influence where your donations get spent!

A great way to utilize new technologies.

A platform that has immense possibilitiesโ€ฆ

The motto in my head keeps revolving around GivEth โ€” Give ETH โ€” Ethical Giving

For GRACEaid the GivEth ideology aligns with our ethos and look forward to moving together.

Supporting and promoting the ethos of GivEth as well as putting on the forefront of our work important issues like Refugees and destitute people.

~Andreas Papazidis


Decentralized community where everyone is encouraged to get involved in decision making.

Dissolving the blurred gap between the giver and the receiver.

Our transparency causes everyone in the community to have good working relationships and a higher level of engagement.

Offering coders of any skillset & level to contribute.

Advancing the power and utilization of blockchain through open source code.

~Mandala Kitten


There you have it 21 beautiful, thoughtful and truly inspiring visions of Giveth. If you want to find out more or you want to contribute ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ

Join our community: by tackling interesting issues you can help us positively impact charitable giving forever!

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ยท 8 min read

Oxfam, consistently rated one of the best NGOs in the world and a household name in most western countries, is mired in a scandal over allegedly abusing of both people and funds in Haiti during the aid mission deployed after the hurricane Harvey. Not only this, but it is also accused of its employees exchanging aid for sexual favours, plain and simple sexual abuse. The case has opened the door for a cry of the nonprofit sector to uncover and denounce these practises, which seem to be more common than one would think.

Transparency and accountability in charitable donations have been put in check after the scandal broke out, with the International Development Secretary of the UK announcing a big audit of the organizations funded by public money, under threat of cutting the funding if their standards are not met. Presumably, such an audit will be expensive and will not bring much to light, as the system is fundamentally opaque, spending more taxpayersโ€™ money that could be dedicated to social impact projects.

Despite some challenges, I genuinely believe that almost every person working in the development sector is in it to help other people and that they do the best they can. Until now, we didnโ€™t have tools that allowed for a different governance and management of large amounts of aid fundsโ€ฆ but now we do.

Campaign-based giving

Nowadays, one gives money to an organization and must trust them to use it properly. The money is given a priori, being a grant from the government, from a granting organization or from individuals. Once the money is in their bank account, itโ€™s -by design of how the banking system works- opaque to external people: we must trust them again to have proper procedures in place to avoid mismanagement of such funds i.e. โ€œCaligula orgy with prostitutes in Oxfam T-shirtsโ€.

With Giveth you will be able to see how the project is laid out, Milestone by Milestone, and how much money is required for each and every part. If a Milestone is not achieved, or the Milestone Reviewers (more on this category of validators shortly) perceive misconduct, 1) this Milestone will not be approved and paid out and 2) the Reviewer can decide to send all of the unspent funds back to the original Givers to be donated to other projects.

The most common issue raised here is: what happens if the Milestone Reviewer(s) is/are โ€˜greasedโ€™ by the Milestone Manager to approve an underachieved Milestone or to turn a blind eye on inappropriate behaviour? I see this as an excellent opportunity to bring together agents that have no special interest in colluding: a grassroots organization, the local community leadership, the government and an independent observer. One could decide that all of these need to agree on the validation and submit proof, similar to the videos used in Givethโ€™s RewardDAO. Technically, since the figure of the Reviewer is just an Ethereum address, it can be a contract, it could be a multisig wallet held by these relevant stakeholders. Another, if slightly more complex, setup is that a percentage of all Givers to a Campaign need to approve the Milestone after reviewing proof. Using a Liquid Democracy governance system here would naturally concentrate voting power in people that are reputable and are perceived to be neutral in this particular Campaign or even Milestone.

I see this as a side benefit of Givethโ€™s Campaigns: the need to be in constant communication with Milestone Reviewers and Campaign Managers creates โ€” apart from transparency โ€” a true Community where problems are openly discussed and input comes from all sides, because everyone has stake in the game.

Communities solving problems

Thinking of the bigger picture, how can we really shake the giving โ€˜industryโ€™ awake? Without questioning the expertise and indubitable economies of scale and know-how transfer of the big International NGOs, Giveth enables another sort of organization: The DAC, the Decentralized Altruistic Community. Can we do better than just trust Oxfam (or any equivalent INGO) to drop out of the air and deploy their tactics? The Giveth platform can be used for validation of Campaigns and Milestones, but โ€ฆ maybe we could go a step further.

Imagine the creation of a true DAC in Haiti, conformed by Givers, people on the ground (the โ€˜Makersโ€™) and even representation of the INGOs, all communicating with each other and through an agreed form of governance that works to pledge resources the right way. This way we can make sure that Oxfamโ€™s expertise is allocated where it can impact the most, in constant communication with other stakeholders and with fully transparent decision making.

You get some decision power, you get some more, and you get some too!

Does it sound complicated? After all, you are not an expert in Haitiโ€ฆ maybe youโ€™ve never even been there! How are you supposed to choose where to pledge funds or to know which Campaigns are going to be the most impactful? Giveth has got you covered. With Liquid Pledging, a concept derived from liquid democracy, you can delegate the choice of your donations to Communities you perceive as experts: this can be an influential development group โ€” Oxfam if you really must!- but also your former roommateโ€™s social impact group, which was really into this โ€˜making a better worldโ€™ thing. You delegate to a DAC, and it can send your donation to its chosen Campaign, a lot like how charity is supposed to work nowadays, but with much more oversight. You will be able to track your donation, veto any decisions the delegates make and get connected to the people/communities running the Campaigns you will be funding.

Once you start down the rabbit hole, the possibilities are endless: You can delegate half of your pledged funds to a DAC specializing in disaster relief, which in turn will fund some trusted Campaigns for smaller specific problems. The other half you can delegate to your favourite Campaign focusing on improving education in your hometown or even to another DAC that brings together all education projects in your area. Be as local or global as you want!

Liquid pledging at work
Liquid pledging at workโ€‹

Help us solve the challenges

The future is near. But not quite here yet, as this is not happening now. The main challenges are

  • Scalablity of the crypto ecosystem. Letโ€™s face it, maybe we are not quite there yet. And I am not even speaking of unpredictable transaction fees raising the cost of donating and transactions not going through: Liquid Pledging is a complicated system that requires a lot of gas. Luckily Giveth has a good stop-gap solution.

If you are a Dev and/or working on scalability solutions, have a look at what ScalingNOW is doing here and join us in building the future of Ethereum!

  • Liquid pledging would benefit greatly from some sort of identity on the blockchain, integrated with governance tools like AragonOS. The UI/UX for most of these applications remains outside of the control of most individuals, let alone organizations in the humanitarian sector who shouldnโ€™t have to focus on the technical side and should be able to interface seamlessly with the platform(s).

Our Social Coding circle pushes Open Source projects like BrightID for Proof-of-Identity and other great projects. Read more about them here!

  • Bridge Crypto โ€” Fiat. How do you deal with international crypto transfers and especially the conversion of ETH (or whatever cryptocurrency Campaigns receive as donations) to fiat in order to pay for the expenses of the Campaigns?

If you are working on projects that are building solutions for the last mile, please get in touch!

  • There are also many unanswered questions around taxation for the organizations deploying the Campaigns. They are receiving donations in crypto currencies and how this is to be treated is not well defined for taxation in most jurisdictions right now.

If you are a lawyer and/or have good resources on the regulatory aspect, please hit me up or leave them in the comments!

Join our community: by tackling interesting problems like this one you can help us positively impact charitable giving forever!

Help us Build the Future of Giving: ๐Ÿคฒ๐Ÿผ Donate directly ๐Ÿคฒ๐Ÿผ or buy a Ledger with our affiliate link โŽ

Written by Pol, lovingly edited by Griff and Kris

ยท 4 min read
Liquid Democracy

Welcome to the future of voting.

Or as some would say the Land of Possibilities :-)

So what IS liquid democracy?โ€‹

In addition to being simply a system of tokenized voting you can think of it as a hybrid between representative and direct democracy.

Instead of one person casting one vote, the system can become fractional. One vote can now be split in any number of ways between multiple delegates or sent entirely to your chosen delegate, and your delegate can delegate to someone else. Much delegation, so democracy.

As an example take a busy college student who just doesnโ€™t have time to vote, she could delegate ยฝ her vote to her mom and ยฝ her vote to her professor. If either of them wanted they could allocate a portion of the vote or all of it to a popular politically active persona that acts as a representative for the local community and controls an influential % of the total vote.

Giveth is a perfect playground for implementing liquid democracy

Of course, the reason weโ€™re explaining liquid democracy is because it is one of the core technologies that inspired Givethโ€™s Liquid Pledging system, and we see it as an important building block for the governance of DACs.

While there is no voting inherent in Givethโ€™s base layer, there is an opportunity to use a governance system like liquid democracy in the various roles that are filled currently by people such as Delegates or Reviewers. This would mean that that a delegate, instead of being one person, would become a smart contract that has liquid democracy built in so that the donors can elect several delegates to decide which projects get funded (we will likely use a โ€œliquid plutocracyโ€ model, the more you donate the more votes you get).

But wait thereโ€™s more, with liquid democracy + blockchain you have the ability to actually codify your vote.

Yes, I know, code what?

Codifying your vote could allow you to tag different delegates to represent you based on the subject matter for the initiative. This means that if one initiative has an economic tag your vote for that initiative would be automatically allocated to the delegate you want to represent you on the economic issues, if another initiative carries the environmental tag your vote would be automatically allocated to your environmental delegate. Very diverse, much effective.

Say an important issue comes up that you feel very strongly about. You can push a button and take your voting back and vote yourself, then push a button and put your delegation settings back the way they were.

You set the term limits, you can delegate for 20 seconds or 20 years!

Liquid democracy gives everybody the ability to delegate their vote accordingly or even to overstep the position of their representative keeping them accountable for their actions on a day to day spectrum instead of year to year.

No one knows exactly what the future of voting looks like, but with Giveth we can start experimenting with this incredible model while making the world a better place at the same time! Much vast, many possibility, sooo future!

Democracy 3.0 For The Transparent Worldโ€‹

(Updated 11/20 ) Excellent article by Igor Line on the varied benefits of Liquid Democracy.

To find out more about liquid democracy and how you can experiment within Giveth:

ยท 7 min read

Edit: for the current status of the development, more recent updates here

If you ever talked to a Giveth Unicorn chances are high we did not let you go before you understood what Giveth is all about โ€” weโ€™re a passionate bunch. If you havenโ€™t met people like Griff Green, Jordi Baylina, Grace Torrellas, Vojtech Simetka and the many other great faces contributing to the Giveth Platform you might wonder what it is exactly weโ€™re building and why.

To put it plain and simple: we want to make the process of giving to causes you believe in effective and transparent, and we are using blockchain technology to do so. In October 2016 the team started developing the DApp (Donation Application) and is now coming closer to the release of its Minimum Viable Product (MVP). In the build-up to this, we would like to take a moment to explain why we are creating the platform and give you a sneak peak of the user flow.

Wait, but why?

If you have ever donated to non-profits or charitable organizations chances are high your experience was similar to this one: on your way to the metro you got stopped by a convincing youth who got your name, mailing address and signature for a fixed monthly donation to a specific cause. Since that moment, a few times per year โ€” if youโ€™re lucky โ€” you receive an old-school newsletter which you throw away without reading. You are left entirely in the dark about where your donation went, and the non-profit receives a monthly amount until you decide to cancel.

Giveth changes all this. As all donations are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain you can follow, in real-time, who gets your donations and why at a very granular level.

The Giveth platform has a simple result-based incentive structure: when funds are collected they are stored in our Vault and only after Milestones are completed, can the funds be withdrawn. The Giverโ€™s funds are under their control until their donations are locked for a specific purpose.

This basic structure gives them a clear view on the various people involved in the process and the possibility to contact everyone directly. And if they donโ€™t like what their funds are intended to be used for, they have time to block its use.

We are building the Future of Giving by cutting out the bureaucracy so that funds can be spent more efficiently and everyone can collaborate in making the world a better place.

Talk the Talk

We are re-engineering how donations are made, and with it, we had to reinvent the language to talk about it. The 3 key building blocks of the Giveth system are Communities (DACs), Campaigns and Milestones. A DAC โ€” short for Decentralized Altruistic Community โ€” is the group of people united around a cause they want to support. This DAC will fund and steer multiple Campaigns, which can in their turn also be supported by more than one DAC. A Campaign translates the dreams of a DAC into a more specific agenda to which action points are linked: we call these the Milestones. Milestones are the smallest entity within the Giveth system and are the last step in our donation flow. Once completed, the funds are released into the wild to reimburse and reward good people for their good work.

Building Blocks of Giveth
The 3 key building blocks of Giveth are Communities (DACs), Campaigns and Milestones.โ€‹

We focus on the technology so people can focus entirely on uniting around causes. In order to do so, we need to define some of the basic roles in our system.

A Giver can donate directly to a Campaign they believe in, or can decide to pledge funds to a DAC that will allocate these funds to appropriate Campaigns in the Giverโ€™s name โ€” we call this process Liquid pledging. By donating, the Giver automatically becomes part of the DAC and is connected with the rest of the community.

The Delegates are registered DAC members that take on the task of allocating funds sent to their DAC to one or more Campaigns.

The Makers are all the people within these campaigns making the change the DACs want to see in the world. There are a few specific roles the Makers have to fulfill.

  • The Campaign Managers are the Makers that create Campaigns, assign funds to specific Milestones and make sure their specific Campaign is a success.
  • The Milestone Managers are the Makers in charge of specific Milestones and need to assure these very specific actions are achieved as described.
  • The Recipients are the Makers that receive the funds when a Milestone is successfully completed.
Giveth Roles
Main roles within the Giveth Platform: Giver, Delegate, Campaign Manager, Milestone Manager, Recipient.โ€‹

Two additional roles have been created to guarantee the correct usage of funds.

  • The Campaign Reviewer can reject completion of any Milestone and can, as a strong security measure, even cancel a whole Campaign if it appears to be fraudulent.
  • The Milestone Reviewerโ€™s role is to confirm the Milestone Manager really achieved the proposed goal or action described in the Milestone.

This brings us to the true power of the Giveth platform: at all times the Giver knows exactly what is happening to the donated funds, how these are being spent and is in full control through a transparent network of accountabilities. If a Milestone is canceled, the funds are returned to the Campaign. If a Campaign is canceled, the funds are automatically returned to the Delegates that supported it. If a Delegate quits, the funds are returned to the Giver. On top of this, one of the most revolutionary aspects of this system is that at any point up until the moment funds are locked into a Campaign, the Giver can decide to withdraw them.

Giveth Additonal Roles
Two extra roles guarantee the correct usage of funds: Campaign Reviewer and Milestone Reviewer.โ€‹

You can discover more about these roles and responsibilities by reading on in the product definition on our wiki.

Walk the Walk

The Giveth Donation Application is now in beta stage on testnet, with all of the roles described above integrated, and currently undergoing testing with a select team of volunteers.

Giveth co-founder Griff Green explains what the Giveth Donation Application is about.โ€‹

We always have opportunities for skilled developers to contribute to our project, and you can donate to `revolution.eth` to reward and incentivize the devs that are making the Giveth platform a reality. Please join our Slack and find out how you can contribute.

In the meantime, we will keep on building the platform and will share in the coming weeks and months how the different components work. Stay tuned for more!

Warm regards,


Help us Build the Future of Giving: ๐Ÿคฒ๐Ÿผ Donate directly ๐Ÿคฒ๐Ÿผ or buy a Ledger with our affiliate link. โŽ